Subsidies went up in 2014 for most Portland-area homeowners who install photovoltaic solar panels.

PGE customers, which includes most of the Portland area, now qualify for rebates of $1 per watt of electricity produced, courtesy of Energy Trust of Oregon, up to a maximum of $10,000. The subsidy for Pacific Power customers remain at 75 cents per watt, or a maximum of $7,500.

The Oregon tax credit remains at a maximum $6,000, or $1.90 per watt.

The new rates encourage larger system sizes, covering a larger share of homeowners’ energy costs.

Between state tax credits, Energy Trust incentives and federal tax credits, up to 80 percent of the cost of going solar can be covered, making it not only good for the environment but a good financial investment.

For sample scenarios of how these subsidies can cut the costs of going solar, check out Solar Oregon:

For more about state tax credit rules:

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