Eight dams were removed in Oregon last year, resulting in improved habitat for several fish species, according to a study by American River, which calls the projects “river restorations.”

The advocacy group tracked 51 different dam removal projects around the country in 2013, spread out in 18 states. Oregon had more than any other state except Pennsylvania, where 12 dams were removed. New Jersey had the third-highest, with four dams removed.

Dams removed last year in Oregon:

• Corral Creek Dam in Sherwood, built in 1945.

• Cox Creek Dam in Albany, built in 1932.

• Hamby Dam on Birch Creek, near Pilot Rock.

• Sandy River Delta Dam, built in 1930.

• Stearns Dam, on the Crooked River in Pendleton, built in 1934.

• Tokay Canal Dam, on Jones Creek in the Rogue River watershed, built in 1932.

• Wright Dam, on Mill Creek in The Dalles.

• Zell Dam, on the Walla Walla River.

“The river restoration movement in our country is stronger than ever,” said Bob Irvin, president of American Rivers. “Communities nationwide are removing outdated dams because they recognize that a healthy, free-flowing river is a tremendous asset.”

The group has documented 1,150 dams removed in the U.S. since 1912, most of them in the past two decades.

To learn more about the dam removals and view an interactive map:

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