Starting this month, home sellers in Portland must report potential energy bills at their home, giving buyers more information about the costs of owning the home.

    -     Portlanders newly listing their homes for sale must first obtain a Home Energy Score, under a 2016 city mandate that took effect Jan. 1.

To get a Home Energy Score, home sellers must hire a home energy assessor, who will visit the house, do a quick survey and calculate the energy the home will require. In addition, the assessor will lay out cost-effective ways to boost the home's energy efficiency, and provide an idea of the home's carbon footprint.

The Home Energy Score is akin to a miles per gallon sticker required for new-car sales, or comparable requirements for refrigerators and other appliances.

Home shoppers will be able to calculate their monthly energy bills, a key part of the cost of owning a home, before their buy.

Portland becomes the first U.S. city to require such scores for all prospective homes on the market.

TRIBUNE PHOTO- JONATHAN HOUSE - Michael Kronenthal accesses his family's attic, where they hope to install new insulation to use less energy. Their new Home Energy Score revealed they could use an extra foot of attic insulation.City officials expect the mandate will result in proactive efforts by homeowners to improve their home's energy efficiency before putting it up for sale. That will reduce costs for new homeowners, and lower the carbon emissions associated with heating, cooling and powering homes.

The city is also exploring ways to reduce carbon emissions in commercial buildings, starting with a requirement by landlords to monitor and report energy usage.

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• For more information, consult the city's designated website,, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability at 503-823-5771.

• Individual Home Energy Scores will be publicly available at

• To see a past Portland Tribune story on the Home Energy Score requirement, see

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