Small business owner challenges retired big business manager

In the race for Position No. 4 on the Sandy City Council, Grant Baker is challenging incumbent Phil Moyer.

Baker says he has a vested interest in his hometown of Sandy, spending his entire life here, operating two family businesses and expecting to raise his children here.

"I have always taken a proactive stance in my life,” Baker said. “I believe in being a part of determining the future, and not letting others decide it for me or my family.”

PHIL MOYERGRANT BAKERMoyer says he has enjoyed his work on the City Council as a way to be involved in his government.

“I consider civic responsibility important,” Moyer said, “and this is how I choose to meet that responsibility. “

Baker points to his “hard-work ethic” that defines how he responds to challenges or new concepts.

“I am very hands on and organized,” he said. “I grasp concepts quickly and am open to learning new concepts and skills.”

Moyer says his more than 41 years of managing emergency medical personnel speaks for itself. The past 25 years he has been operations manager for a large company, American Medical Response, with an office in Sandy. He also says his leadership has been developed and practiced while he was serving in that role on a number of boards, commissions or associations.

“In those capacities I was often involved in decision making, team building and finding consensus on a variety of issues,” Moyer said, “all functions which are critical elements of council activities and goal setting.”

Baker says his interests extend to all aspects of city decisions such as signs, parks, housing and Main Street.

“They should all be addressed with the same care and thought,” he said. “I believe that all projects are equally important to the future of the city.”

Moyer would like to continue pursuing a destination-style hotel and restaurant so Sandy could bring more tourists to town.

“Although we are considered a ‘gateway’ to Mount Hood,” he said, “we have a lot of things here for visitors to enjoy.”

Moyer also wants to continue developing city parks, particularly Sandy River Park.

Baker says he isn’t afraid of stepping into a role on the city’s highest governing body.

“City government will be a first for me,” he said, “but we all need to make a start somewhere. I believe my life experiences have given me knowledge that I can use to help with important city needs.”

Speaking of his qualifications for the position that he has served in for the past four years, Moyer says in previous years he has been a small business owner and member of the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce, and is now on the Sandy Fire and Rescue budget committee and the Regional Disaster Preparedness Organization.

“I understand the importance,” he said, “of having a positive relationship with other agencies that operate in the city.”

Baker says his life experiences have taught him to always try his best and never give up. He said he lost his parents when they were both under 45 years old.

“This makes you look at life with a different perspective,” he said. “I have always achieved the goals I have set forth, whether they were personal or for my family.”

Moyer says he and his wife and children are well established in the community, having lived in and worked in Sandy for more than 30 years.

“We have many local friends and business contacts within the community,” he said, “and they share with me their concerns and observations on the city activities and direction.

“I try to use that input as a guide to help me represent the community and establish my position as fairly as possible in decisions related to council goals.”

Ballots will be mailed about Oct. 19, and they are due back in the Elections Department by 8 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 6

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