-  Complete remodeling and new image is nearly finished at the Sandy dealership

by: POST PHOTO: JIM HART - POST PHOTO: JIM HART  Standing under the new blue arch at the newly remodeled Suburban Chevrolet facility is co-owner of the Suburban Auto Group, Nancy Jaksich, standing alongside the newest owner of one of its many cars, Tim Ferguson of Clackamas. In the photo, Ferguson is ready to drive off the lot with this bright red, showroom-new, 2011 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe. Nancy Jaksich, co-owner of the Suburban Auto Group, considers the nearly finished remodeling of the Suburban Chevrolet facility both a major expense and an investment in the community.

“We are very involved in this community,” she said, “and we think this is a good focal point when anyone comes into the community — to see that we’ve upgraded to Sandy Style.”

Bound by the Chevrolet corporation’s plan to create a new image — a new brand — Jaksich continued to ask Chevrolet for exceptions to some of its plans that didn’t match the city’s Sandy Style design for its businesses.

She told the corporation its plans wouldn’t get by the planning department and the city’s regulations for the façade of local businesses.

“All of the new Chevrolet arches in the United States are made of metal,” Jaksich said. “But because the city of Sandy wants us to follow Sandy Style, ours is batten board and stone.”

Chevrolet agreed to the changes and the comprehensive project was under way, under the watchful eyes of architects from the local area.

In fact, Jaksich said, all of the contractors were located as close to Sandy as possible.

“We’ve even used our own customers who are contractors and subcontractors,” Jaksich said.

While not all of the work is completed, the majority is finished. One of the most visible can be seen while passing by on Highway 26. The large blue Chevrolet arch stands out well against a gray background, and the huge pillars that surround it are footed with stone work that matches Sandy Style, which is characterized by wood and stone.

Chevrolet didn’t ask for it, but Jaksich has changed all of the lighting inside and outside the building. All lights have been replaced with brighter, energy-efficient lighting.

And to make the inside even brighter, all of the formerly tinted glass has been replaced with clear.

The floor is scheduled to get a new tile covering very soon, Jaksich said. The customer lounge has been remodeled with new equipment and furniture. And soon all of the building’s offices will get new furniture, counters and file storage.

“It’s a whole new look,” Jaksich said. “Everything is new.”

Chevrolet also asked for new signs around the dealership. They even added more spaces for people qualified to use handicapped parking along with a new ramp to make it easy to gain access to the sidewalk next to the building’s front door.

Now in the process of making plans and gaining approval for its remodeling — ordered by the Ford Corporation — is Suburban Ford, co-owned by Jerry Jaksich and managed by the Jaksich’s daughter, Erinn Sowle.

Nancy Jaksich said she expects work to begin on the Ford facility within about six months — again to match the city’s Sandy Style.

The Chevrolet facility at 36936 Highway 26 has been in operation at that address for 13 years, while Suburban Ford, at 37000 Highway 26, has occupied its location to the east of Suburban Chevrolet for more than 18 years. Both dealerships, now on a 26-acre site, had moved from separate locations within Sandy’s downtown core.

The Suburban Auto Group, one of the largest businesses in Sandy and owned and operated by a third-generation family, has been active in Sandy for more than four decades.

For more information, call 503-668-5555.

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