Youths with goals in agriculture will be asking for support

A goat walks into a juice bar, and the bartender asks, “What’ll you have?”

The goat says, “How’d you like to help my owner at the county fair?”

Actually, next week it will be the owner walking into a local business with a goat or a small pig and asking a similar question.

The annual “Pass the Pig, Pass the Goat” fundraiser will be conducted Monday, April 1, when 4-H and FFA members visit area businesses to ask for donations to the Sandy Area Buyers Pool, a nonprofit group that helps members of the 4-H and FFA organizations whose animals are sold at the county fair auction.

The small pig or goat simply calls attention to the fact the young person is interested in agriculture as a business and is training to be involved in some business related to agriculture.

“As a learning and business venture, members have selected, fed and groomed beef, lamb, hogs and goats,” said Teresa McKinnis, treasurer of the buyers pool. “They bring their animals to the county fair to be judged, graded and sold.”

The Sandy Area Buyers Pool supports the Clackamas County Junior Livestock Auction at the Clackamas County Fair in August, which is the market for the youths’ business ventures.

Since the young people have small-scale projects, they are not as efficient as large-scale producers — therefore, the need for some support in auction prices.

In return for financial support of at least $20, the buyers pool will provide a photo taken of the business owner, youths and animal so they might display, in their business and on the Buyers Pool Facebook page, the fact they are supporting local agricultural youths.

The business owner also will have the opportunity to send the youths to another business of their choice.

All monies raised are used exclusively for local 4-H clubs and the Sandy FFA chapter.

The buyers pool also will accept tax-deductible donations from anyone interested in helping youths gain a business education through agriculture projects. Simply send a check to the Sandy Area Buyers Pool c/o McKinnis at P.O. Box 831, Sandy, 97055.

For more information, call McKinnis at 503-668-5027 or 503-803-1523.

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