New ordinance applies to businesses, schools, public bodies and nonprofits

The city of Sandy is just trying to be a good neighbor and reduce the size of its sustainable “footprint.”

So when Engineering Technician Liz Storn brought a proposal to the council’s April 1 meeting, all the councilors approved.

The ordinance, which will get its second reading May 6, would require all businesses to recycle everything the waste hauler will take.

Metro controls funding, if necessary, to implement “green” methods of doing business throughout the metro area — not just inside Metro growth boundaries.

But it was Clackamas County that required local businesses to comply with Metro’s requirements in its regional (three-county) plan.

The Sandy council’s recent action complies with Metro and Clackamas County’s request, Storn told the council.

The county is, therefore, likely to release about $3,600 of funding for local businesses that it has been holding because the city had not adopted an ordinance in response to the regional plan. Of particular concern at Metro is the 100,000 tons (200 million pounds) of recyclable paper from the metro region that is buried in landfills every year.

The ordinance’s demands apply to all businesses, schools, public bodies and nonprofit groups in Sandy.

The requirements include recycling all paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, metal containers and glass. Also required is providing recycling containers for inside and outside areas where recyclable materials might be collected or stored. In addition, signs must be posted where these materials are collected or stored, identifying the materials that must be recycled.

The new ordinance complies with and fulfills a council goal and the existing council policy on sustainability.

For some businesses, the new regulations will have no effect because they are already doing everything correctly.

City officials are hoping for voluntary compliance because no targeted enforcement is planned.

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