Oregon City man is cited for DUII even though he wasn't driving a car

A 27-year-old man from Oregon City who is frequently in Sandy was arrested and given a criminal citation for driving while intoxicated after a crash near the Firhill Cemetery in the 37600 block of Highway 26.

Fortunately for bystanders, he was not driving a car. Unfortunately for Shane A. Dunford, he was riding a bicycle when he crashed.

Paramedics tried to treat wounds to Dunford’s arms and protect him from further neck injuries, but he was less than cooperative, according to the police officer’s report. In fact, Dunford has a reputation among Sandy officers of being aggressive, quick-tempered and uncooperative.

The officer responding to the 8 p.m. incident Friday, July 5, was challenged to keep the victim as calm and cooperative as possible. That task was especially difficult when the medics were trying to transfer the patient to the ambulance so they could take him to a nearby hospital for examination and possible treatment of neck injuries.

That examination also was difficult for the doctor, especially when Dunford tried to light a cigarette in the middle of the examination.

The officer applied as much psychology as he thought would have a positive effect, and encouraged Dunford to sign consent forms to allow a blood draw (which could be used to determine blood/alcohol level).

Dunford allegedly told the medics, and later the officer, that he was intoxicated and shouldn’t have been riding his bike.

“I’m intoxicated and I shouldn’t have been riding,” the officer reported Dunford said. “I was just being stupid.”

When the officer asked him why he had crashed, Dunford said he had too much to drink (reportedly one-quarter gallon of “dirty rum” and some beers). He said he was weaving while riding the bike and crashed into a fence.

After X-rays proved he didn’t have a broken neck, Dunford and his bike received a lift to his grandparents’ home in Sandy at about 11 p.m., and he was issued a criminal citation for DUII and notified of his court time, location and date. Dunford told the officer he knew where to go.

“I’ve been there lots before,” he said.

After handcuffs were removed, Dunford was released to enter his grandparents’ home.

His final gesture was to thank the officer for giving him a ride.

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