By using an existing signpost, the local organization will avoid fees, red tape

by: POST PHOTO: JIM HART - This is the top of a 25-foot signpost, alongside Highway 212, showing the space to be filled with a new Boring and Dull sign.The Boring Community Planning Organization has received permission to use space on an existing sign in the center of Boring.

CPO Chairman Steve Bates told members at the Aug. 6 meeting that the space would be rent-free, but it would require producing a two-sided sign about 4 feet tall and more than 8 feet wide.

by: POST PHOTO: JIM HART - This small sign, now at the Boring Station Trailhead Park, is approximately what the large sign would look like after it is installed alongside Highway 212.The sign would mimic the signs erected at both ends of the community of Dull in Scotland, naming the two communities as “a pair for the ages.”

The fact that the owner could ask to have the sign for his use at any future time is not a huge concern to Bates because he said the owner is not anxious to do that. Instead, Bates is glad to avoid the regulations that the Oregon Department of Transportation would have applied to any sign the CPO was allowed to erect.

ODOT has application fees and annual renewal fees for all signs placed on private property within view of a state highway.

“The application for this size of sign,” Bates told CPO members last week, “would be in the area of $1,200 — just for the application. For every year thereafter, we would be paying an application renewal fee of $150-$200.”

But since the rent-free sign already exists and predates the 2007 initiation of the fees, there are no ODOT regulations for this sign.

“We are just refacing this sign,” Bates said, “which does not require a permit.”

Producing a two-sided sign for this sign frame, which stands about 25 feet above Highway 212, will cost in excess of $1,500, but Bates said he already has $500 in commitments for the sign.

“This is the least expensive way for Boring to get this sign up where tourists can actually come and see the sign,” Bates said, “and we can be proud of that.”

If approved by the sign owner later, phase two of this project, Bates said, is to add a few words below the large sign and below the “Food Mart” part of the sign — words to the effect of “Every Aug. 9 is Boring and Dull Day.”

“This is an ongoing project,” he said, “and we hope to have the sign up by Christmas. We might not; it depends on the cost, but we will continue to raise funds as long as we need to.”

CPO members are the final judges of the project. In order to spend the collected donations to create a sign and erect it, a majority of CPO members would have to vote in favor of that action.

At the Aug. 6 meeting, members present voted unanimously to have the CPO take the lead on the sign project.

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