Reported shots fired turns out to be incorrect as a man and woman are questioned

A domestic dispute between two people in a residence in the 38500 block of Limerick Street Tuesday morning sent a scare through the neighborhood.

Residents near the residence were evacuated, while the Clackamas County SWAT team took its positions.

A female neighbor had reported to police dispatchers she had heard a man yell a threat, something like 'I'm going to kill my wife.' That was followed by a couple of shots the woman told police, according to Public Information Officer Sam Craven of the Sandy Police Department.

Sandy police and Clackamas county Sheriff's deputies responded with guns drawn, surrounding the home and ordering the occupants - a man and a woman - to come out with hands raised.

Because there was the possibility of a hostage situation, the neighborhood was secured by telling other nearby residents to stay in their homes.

The initial call came to police dispatchers at about 11:30 a.m., and officers finished their investigation at about 3:30 p.m.

Craven said the two (currently unidentified man and woman) surrendered to Sandy Police Officer Manolo Herrera-Montiel and the Clackamas County Sheriff's deputies, and they were taken into custody for questioning.

'In this kind of situation when we don't know what is going on,' Craven said, 'both people are treated as possible suspects.'

Both the man and woman told police separately there had been some arguing and some doors had been slammed and kicked - but no guns had been fired.

No weapons were found in the house; no bullet holes were discovered inside the home; and no one was reported injured or taken to a medical facility.

'We don't know if there were shots,' Craven said, 'or where they were coming from.'

Police determined that no crime had been committed - even though a scare had permeated the neighborhood - and the two were released Tuesday afternoon without charges.

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