MORE STORIES provides continuous online garage sale

After a year of planning and research, Sandy resident Richard Miller has gotten his online consignment business off the ground.

Miller started as a means of giving back to the community.

The business is a web-based consignment store. “It’s one huge garage sale online,” Miller said.

Customers can contact Raokhome, which will handle every step in selling the merchandise.

A consignment contract allows for Raokhome to photograph, store and advertise the products online. Miller posts the items for sale not only on but on ebay, Google and Amazon as well.

Raokhome even takes care of the shipping.

“In Oregon, there is a very small window for garage sales,” Miller said. “Outside that, there are very few other outlets for consignment.”

Miller hopes Raokhome becomes known as a year-round garage sale without having to deal with winter rain.

He said his business is also a way for the community to access an online venue such as craigslist, but without the uncertainty or safety issues.

“There are more and more concerns with safety of garage sales and craigslist,” Miller said. He explained there is the risk of personal exposure and fear of future burglary.

Whatever doesn’t sell is either returned to the owner or donated if the owner wishes.

But saving customers from the perils of craigslist is not the only way Raokhome hopes to give back to the community.

Miller said his daughter, and her service to members of the community who need it, was the inspiration for starting his business.

Raokhome comes from the acronym R.A.O.K., which stands for random acts of kindness. For Miller, is a means to provide resources for the community.

As the business grows, Miller hopes to put profits toward different acts of kindness for the community. He said he would like to hold events such as days in the park for families, where Raokhome would provide all of the activities.

In addition, Miller hopes to work with organizations in Sandy to find needy families and help provide for them in small ways.

For more information about Raokhome consignment, visit its website at

Miller suggests visitors to the site register to receive special offers and information about future random acts of kindness events.

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