-  Peace of mind, a new sports car came from donating to Dougy Center

Dan and Cyndi McKenna of Boring are the proud owners of a new 2014 Porsche Boxster. The best part is it was free.

Five years ago, the McKennas, always car enthusiasts, were attending a car show when they came across a contest fundraiser for the Dougy Center, an organization in Portland that helps grieving children and families.

The center holds an annual raffle giving away a Porsche, something the organization has done for 18 years. Tickets for the raffle are $100, with a maximum of 2,000 tickets sold.

After deciding it was for a good cause, the McKennas brought a ticket, never thinking anything would come of it.

They have bought a ticket every year since.

But this year, the McKennas got more than just satisfaction from participating in the fundraiser.

At around 9:15 p.m. Friday, May 9, Dan got what he thought was a prank call.

The woman on the other end said she was Donna Schuurman, the chief executive officer of the Dougy Center, calling from a dinner gala event and that 500 people were listening to their conversation on speakerphone.

She said the grand finale of the event has always been to call the winner of the grand prize Porsche.

“She said, ‘I’m holding ticket 112 and it’s got your name on it,’” Dan said. “I thought, ‘No way, people never win things like this.’”

Despite popping a bottle of champagne with his wife after hanging up, he decided not to get too excited. He still didn’t believe the phone call’s legitimacy.

The next morning, he called Schuurman back and was finally convinced.

A couple of days later, Dan and Cyndi went to pick up their new car. They also met the staff of the center and were given a tour.

“We were very impressed,” Dan said.

Dan said it finally hit him he was getting a Porsche when they went to pick it up and there it sat. “It takes your breath away, at least for me it did,” he said.

Even though they have never used the Dougy Center’s services, the McKennas feel they have a certain connection to it.

When they first met, Cyndi and Dan found commonality in grief. Dan lost his brother in a car accident 30 years ago, and Cyndi had recently lost her husband.

Originally, the couple knew each other only through business — Cyndi was the owner of Cool Printing and Copies in Sandy, and Dan was in paper sales. But Dan said they grew to support one another.

“It’s funny that a loss of someone close to you can bring you close to someone else,” Dan said.

Eventually it grew into something else. The two were married in 1989.

As survivors of grief, Dan and Cyndi said they believe in what the Dougy Center does.

“It’s one of those silent things,” Dan said. “But if you’re one of those people, it means a lot.”

The McKennas may have received a Porsche, but the Dougy Center has gotten a pair of lifelong supporters and advocates.

“We’ll tell the Dougy story for the rest of our lives,” Dan said. “Yes, it’s fun winning, but it’s also our place to talk about the center too.”

The McKennas plan to continue donating to the center in the future and said they think there will be an uptick in raffle sales for next year after telling their story so many people.

Dan said the contest has become real for people who know them and have seen the reward for themselves.

Cyndi said even the car will project their story. The couple has ordered custom plates for the Porsche that read DGY CTR.

Although they haven’t thought about their plans for future use of their new sports car, other than cruising around, Dan and Cyndi said it will be a great replacement car.

Dan, who works in downtown Portland, has been using an all-wheel-drive truck on his commute.

He said the Porsche is going to reduce their overall monthly expenses by helping them save on fuel costs.

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