Fiber construction began June 2 in Bornstedt Village

Construction has begun on the SandyNet Fiber project. To save themselves and the city money in the long run, future fiber customers are being asked to sign up as soon as possible.

Crews began construction in the southern neighborhoods of Sandy on Monday, June 2, starting with Bornstedt Village. Since then, crews also have begun getting ready for installation in the Sandy Heights and Dahlager neighborhoods.

City of Sandy IT Director Joe Knapp said the work groups’ main goal is to place conduit and finish fiber drops to customer houses.

There are now four machines placing conduit in Sandy’s southern neighborhoods. Knapp said that by the end of next week, there will be six.

How long construction continues depends on the different neighborhoods, Knapp said. While some streets may take only a day to complete, others could occupy crews for a week or more.

“I’ve talked to people already who said, ‘I don’t have to do anything now,’” said City Councilor Jeremy Pietzold. “No, you have to do something. Don’t wait until later. Sign up now.”

Pietzold addressed the City Council on Monday night, June 16, hoping to spread the word about the future Internet service, and hopefully save the city some money.

Knapp said that as construction crews work on installation in different neighborhoods, door hangers are left at residences letting homeowners know they can sign up while construction is still ongoing.

During construction, installation is offered free of charge, with wireless routers included as well.

Pietzold estimated that when construction is completed, installation could cost anywhere from $100 to $1,000.

Knapp said that at the end of each week, a report of new sign-ups is gathered and then doled out to construction crews. He said that last week, the city received 16 new fiber customers.

Installation will be done in two rounds, Knapp said. Once construction crews have left a neighborhood, new orders for that area will be put on hold until enough are gathered, then a team will be sent back to finish installation.

Contractors have reported that construction could be finished as early as December of this year, Knapp said.

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