Janet Mackey found the hidden Oktoberfest stein on Aug. 27

Janet Mackey is soon to be the recipient of $200, a prize she earned by locating this year’s Sandy Oktoberfest hidden beer stein at Sandy Bluff Park.

Mackey, who lives in Boring, found out about the scavenger hunt when Julie Hoopai mentioned it to her after reading about it in the Sandy Post.

Mackey is certainly not new to deciphering clues; she recently participated in the Rockaway Beach Pirate Festival and Treasure Hunt that took place in June.

She said her team won.

After hearing about Sandy’s hunt, Mackey decided to get involved.

The dynamic duo began the search the night of Tuesday, Aug. 26, just before the unveiling of the third clue. “I thought, ‘We could do this,’ “ Mackey said.

Knowing the previous location of the 2013 hidden Oktoberfest stein, Mackey and Hoopai grabbed their headlamps and the Sandy Post’s second clue and set out on the hunt.

Mackey said that they began at Jonsrud viewpoint and worked their way toward Emerald Cascade Street and Jewelberry Avenue knowing it had to be around there somewhere.

Eventually they called it a night, but still weren’t quite ready to throw in the towel.

On Wednesday morning, Hoopai texted Mackey from work with the newest clue.

“I knew she was going to find it,” Hoopai said.

“I dropped my toothbrush and away I went,” Mackey said with a laugh.

Once at Bluff Park, Mackey said that there was only a tiny portion of the beer stein visible under some leaves and there was another person looking for it just 30 feet from her, but she was able to grab it and run for her car.

In terms of the prize money, Mackey said she, of course, will spend it. But she’ll spend it locally.

“We’ll try to get it on the first clue next year,” said Hoopai who assured that they would participate in 2015’s hunt if allowed.

In case you were curious about the clues, here's a breakdown of what the Sandy Post was hoping hunters would get out of each of them:

Clue No. 1: Treasure hunters should begin the search with a love of fresh air

You won’t find the prize while sitting in a chair

— This was meant to establish that the stein was hidden outside in open air, not inside a building.

Clue No. 2: The treasure lies near trees that see Mount Hood

Precious gems will point you toward the good

— This referred to the fact that the stein was hidden in a wooded area. The second line is a reference to the streets leading to Sandy Bluff Park: Jewelberry Avenue and Goldenrain Street.

Clue No. 3: Laughs and barks you’ll hear when you enter the park

The rain is not really metallic, but at least you won’t need an ark

— The final clue was alerting hunters to the fact that the stein was hidden in a park that doubles as a dog park. The second line once again is a hint at the location of the park: Goldenrain Street.

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