Sandy High School graduate Ryan Fenster, 24, wins more than $90,000 on 'Jeopardy'

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: JEOPARDY - Ryan Fenster was a returning champion on 'Jeopardy' with Alex Trebek for four nights in a row, amassing more than $90,000.If you've been watching "Jeopardy" recently, you've probably heard the name Ryan Fenster. But you may have missed that he is a graduate of Sandy High School.

Fenster, who now lives and works in Seattle as a banker, walked away from the popular game show as a four-time champion with $91,000 in earnings.

"I told myself going in, 'I'm going to give it my best shot and have some fun,' Fenster told The Post. "And I did."

Fenster said it was his grandparents who encouraged him to audition for the show. His appearance served as his 24th birthday present.

"The show was filmed on my birthday (Nov. 7) and it's the best birthday I've ever had," he declared. "I've certainly never gotten a present that large. It was an experience of a lifetime."

Every returning "Jeopardy" champion, including Fenster, gets their own "green room" to relax and prepare, a pleasant surprise to the Pacific Northwesterner.

"I literally, in Hollywood, had a dressing room with a star on the door," he said excitedly. "That was pretty big. Never thought that would happen."

Fenster admitted he has some trivia-related weaknesses, such as pop music and sports. A clip of Fenster and his fellow competitors went viral after none of the three players could answer a single question in the final category about football, much to Alex Trebek's dismay.

However, Fenster said, "history has always been my strong suit."

"I still walked away from that one with $21,000, so I'm not too disappointed with myself," he quipped.

Fenster attributed his success with trivia to "a knack."

"It just kind of comes naturally to me," he said. "If I read something or hear something, I usually remember it."

That "knack" just so happened to allow Fenster to pursue his graduate school dream. Last year, after a "weird" year of unfortunate events and health issues, Fenster had to defer his admission to grad school because of lack of funding. Now, with $91,000, Fenster is back on track to attend the University of Iceland to pursue his master's degree in Viking and Norse studies.

"It's been one more crazy turn in a whirlwind of a year," he noted. "My sister always said I knew useless info. (After winning she said) 'I think that's nonsense, but it won you $90,000.'"

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