for March 11, 2014

Robinson would restore confidence

One can argue whether the last decade of miscues, errors and the recent scandalous marking of ballots by a campaign worker have been the result of deliberate malfeasance or were (more likely in my opinion) the result of a lack of competent leadership in the Clackamas County Clerk’s Office.

Either way, there is no arguing that it’s time for a big change, for the better, at the clerk’s position.

The last I heard there were at least four or five candidates running for clerk. I guess that’s not all that surprising, when it’s so obvious that the one we have needs replacing.

One of these candidates, David Robinson, was in Sandy last week at a meet-and-greet event in one of our local restaurants.

Robinson, a commander in the Navy Reserve, has an impressive record of accomplishment and has demonstrated effective leadership in managing large organizations.

I still intend to give the other candidates in this race a good look, but my money is already on David Robinson for Clackamas County clerk.

I’ll be very surprised if any of the other candidates are as qualified and capable as Robinson will be in restoring competence and public confidence in the Clackamas County Clerk’s Office.

Walt Trandum, Sandy

Nutz-n-Boltz delivers great performance

We just returned from another high-quality stage production at The Nutz-n-Boltz Theatre Company in Boring.

Its current play is the musical “Man of La Mancha,” and it is outstanding in every respect from the live music to the excellent cast performances to the very innovative stage set.

This play runs through March 16 and we urge folks to support this valuable community theater group by spending an enjoyable two hours with them.

Kathleen Forrest and Michael Orelove, Troutdale

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