Boring resident leaves home brewing behind, taps craft beer industry

by: POST PHOTO: JIM HART - Boring Brewing Co. owner John Griffith inspects the contents of his heated brew tank.Among the more than 250 active businesses in Boring is a new brewery — the only such business in the community.

John and Kathy Griffith, owners and operators of Boring Brewing Co., can brew up to about 120 barrels of craft beer a year. But they aren’t in competition with other brewers based on quantity; they say their focus is on producing high quality beer with unique tastes.

Since John has another full-time job, he doesn’t have regular open hours at the brewery, but opens on specific Saturdays for four hours to fill growlers, sell kegs, give brewery tours and offer tastings.

by: POST PHOTO: JIM HART - John Griffith, owner of Boring Brewing Co., samples the brew inside one of his fermentation tanks.Those Saturdays are announced on the business’ Facebook page.

His wife, Kathy, is involved in sales, marketing, promotion and delivery, while John uses his well-developed brewing skills, gained during the past 24 years while he was a home brewer. He started home brewing with a five-gallon system back in 1989.

John and a friend began brewing together, later expanding to a 10-gallon system. But his friend moved away, and he has been brewing alone for the past 18 years.

It was the story about a brewer in Bend who had converted his basement into a brewery that inspired John to begin in earnest to establish his own business.

He checked the zoning for his home in Boring, and began the application process in November 2011. The project required remodeling an existing building that had other uses.

He also had to apply for permission from the Federal Trade and Tax Bureau, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission and the Oregon Department of Agriculture. He also joined the Oregon Brewers Guild.

Today, he’s producing three types of craft beer, and is planning to expand to others in the future.

“Hoppy Blonde” is a light-bodied, refreshing ale with a nice hop finish.

“Boring Ry PA” is a traditional ale, similar to IPAs, but with the peppery spice of about 10 percent rye malt as well as Northwest hops.

“Boring Brown” is the Griffiths’ newest creation - a traditional American Brown ale with a nutty character built by using Victory malt.

Griffith says he takes the time necessary to produce a high quality beer. For example, leaving the beer in the fermenter long enough to achieve the proper specific gravity and even longer to give the yeast time to remove objectionable flavors, following that process with a cold aging where optimal carbonation and flavor develops.

“We don’t rush anything,” he said. “We focus on producing small-batch, high quality beers.”

The Griffiths will be at the Spring Beer and Wine Festival March 29-30 at the Oregon Convention Center.

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