The Boy Scouts waved them in, and directed them to their parking spots. Car after car, filled with pancake lovers, car buffs and aviation POST PHOTO: NEIL ZAWICKI - It wasnt all Kiwanis bars and T-Buckets at the Kiwanis Fly-in Crusie in. It also was Corvairs and kit planes. Gwen Hawkins, 8, enjoys her $3 Kiwanis bar inbetween browsing the classic cars.

At the Kiwanis Fly-in Cruise-in Breakfast July 28 at McKinnon Air Park was a fine place to get a bite, discover a restored version of your first car, or just marvel at the elegance of the automobile. And of course, there were the aircraft.

Bush planes with rugged tires, Beechcraft Bonanzas, Piper Cubs and kit planes dropped onto the grass flightline, dazzling the crowd and keeping the security detail busy.

Among the classic cars, the same story seemed to come from different owners.A Piper Cub rests at the Kiwanis Fly-in Cruise-in Breakfast.

“It sat in a field for 11 years before I got to it,” said John Kirchen about his 1957 Chevy. “The guy I bought it from I guess brought it home and his wife freaked out.”

Dan Parker was another who’d found his 1950 Studebaker sitting in a field.

The restored cars glimmer with not only chrome and paint, but history.

Over in the early car section, Model Ts line up with Hudsons, Packards and other venerable cars, such as the REO, or Ransom E. Olds, inventor, but not benefactor of the assembly line.

Olds started the Oldsmobile Company in the late 1800s, when he introduced the curved dash Oldsmobile. In the end, his financiers wanted him to build luxury cars, but he did not, so they bought him out, along with the Oldsmobile name. by: POST PHOTO: NEIL ZAWICKI - A Packard, circa 1930s, keeps company with a gang of 1970s Muscle Cars at the Kiwanis Fly-in Cruise-in.

Hence, his new company, REO, which fell to obscurity, except for honorable mention in classic rock, through the band REO Speedwagon.

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