Sandy High School students Gretta Mobley, Logan Smith sing and play their way through six European countries

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - Gretta Mobley and Logan Green at the Eiffel Tower. Through away games and out of state competitions, Sandy High School student athletes and scholars represent their community every day. But not many get to travel internationally.

This summer, juniors Gretta Mobley and Logan Green had the opportunity to explore Europe, all the while acting as a part of the Oregon Ambassadors of Music.

The two teen musicians joined hundreds of creative colleagues as the Sandy contingent — Mobley singing with a 150-member choir and Green playing with a 200-member band.

Alec Chase, Mobley's school choir teacher, accompanied the students.

"Gretta stands out because she really pushed to be there," Chase said.

Mobley raised around $6,000 on her own with a summer job in order to afford to make the trip.

Over the course of 16 days, they traveled and played their way through England, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Lichtenstein. The choir sang about 15 pieces in seven different languages.

"My two favorite pieces were 'Keep Your Lamps!' and 'David's Lamentation,'" Mobley noted. "The first one had a very deep meaning behind it, and I got really into the emotion of it as I was singing. The second is a really beautiful piece that has good dynamics that gave me chills."

Both groups had very little time to rehearse, but both musicians said the experience was one they'd definitely recommend.

"The prep before we left was hard work and long hours, but all the students that were there put in so much effort," Mobley said. "I was surprised by how quickly we learned the music. I really liked the trip and how it was set up because it was an amazing musical experience, and it was also a big vacation with a group of people that became a family. I miss every moment of it."

"I would recommend this trip to anyone who has a passion for traveling and music in general," Green added. "I learned so much about myself and how to be a better musician. The trip was extremely life-changing. I met so many good people who share my same passions. Many of the people I met in Europe are probably going to be lifelong friends, and I'm very thankful for that."

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