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WOODLAND HEIGHTS - Linda ElderIn May and June, we specially celebrate parents and their love and commitment to us, over decades of care and counsel through the changes in our lives. It may be wise to take a closer look now at how they are managing their own life transitions.

Take a look at their medications. Are they getting their refills? Are there pills still sitting in their pill box that they have forgotten to take?

Are there new odors in the house? Check the refrigerator for spoiled foods. Check the bathroom for signs of bathing or incontinence. Is laundry being done or are the same clothes being worn repeatedly.

How is their hearing? Is it time for a checkup or new hearing aid batteries?

Have they stopped reading? Time to check their glasses? Or maybe a trip to the library for some new books?

Changes in our parents' lives is inevitable, as it is for all of us.

The cards and flowers we send are beautiful. But let's not forget the other things we can do to continue to brighten their lives. Have a friend from their church pick them up on Sundays. Meet with other adult children and share taking a car full of parents to a senior center for lunch or to the theater.

There is so much we can easily do. And while visiting your parents, if you realize they need more help than you can give, come see us. We can help.

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