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TOTAL HEALTH DENTAL - Dr. Rod JohnsonFor anyone older than 30, going through adolescence with a mouth full of gleaming, uncomfortable metal braces was a rite of passage. But today, Invisalign can treat gapped teeth, overbites and tooth crowding with virtually invisible, comfortable, clear aligners that will have a minimal impact on your appearance and life.

At Total Health Dental, Dr. Joel Fast is an experienced, Invisalign-trained dentist who will walk you or your children through the process. After an initial consultation to decide if Invisalign is the appropriate treatment, Dr. Fast will use a digital scanning system to create custom-made aligners out of proprietary SmartTrack material. Each set of clear aligners will help teeth shift gradually and gently into place.

Invisalign lets you correct your teeth while living your life as you please. While it's recommended that patients wear the aligners for 20-22 hours a day for best results, you can simply remove the aligners to brush, floss or eat a handful of taffy. If you play a sport that requires a mouthguard, you can simply remove the aligners for practice or a game. And you can remove the aligners for a special occasion—which might not be even necessary, since the aligners are invisible and wouldn't appear in any photographs!

If you're wondering if the comfort and convenience of Invisalign makes it the right solution for you or your teen, call one of Total Health Dental's locations for a free consultation.

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