Festival runs Friday through Sunday

Photographers from The Times were out in force this morning capturing images from the Tigard Festival of Balloons.

The morning balloon launches are only part of the celebration, with rides, music, food and the evening Night Glow all drawing big crowds.

Keep your eyes posted to our Twitter and Facebook pages, which we will be updating throughout the weekend, and click here for a special digital magazine detailing everything you need to know about this year's balloon festival!

Remember, the hot-air balloons will only fly if weather permits, and we will be updating our social media pages every morning, so be sure to check before you leave to get the latest on the morning launches and evening Night Glow.

by: JONATHAN HOUSE - Michael Blum's balloon 'Beemster' rises from Cook Park, Friday, along with several other hot-air balloons. The Tigard Festival of Balloons features 24 giagantic balloons from across the country.

by: JONATHAN HOUSE - Koh Murai, of Yamhill, gives the command as his balloon 'Firenza' begins to inflate. Balloons are laid out on their sides and inflated with air, which raises them to a standing position.

by: JONATHAN HOUSE - The 'Beemster' balloon takes off as two others inflate during Friday's Tigard Festival of Balloons. The festival runs Friday-Sunday with balloon launches every morning at dawn, weather permitting.

by: JONATHAN HOUSE - 'Padre Del Sol' piloted by Cheryl Issacs, of Tigard, floats over the Tualatin River. Balloon pilots often perform 'splash and dash' stunts where the balloon skims over the top of the water before rising again.

by: JONATHAN HOUSE - Michael Blum fires more hot air into his balloon 'Beemster' as three passengers look out over Tualatin.

by: JAIME VALDEZ - Humpty Dumpty floated above Tualatin, Friday as Jeff Haliczer's balloon 'Off the Wall' takes flight. The festival features several specialy shaped balloons including Pepe Le Pew and a Flying Purple People Eater.

by: JONATHAN HOUSE - 'Off the Wall' flies silhouetted against the early morning JONATHAN HOUSE - A burner breaths fire into the open envelope of a hot-air balloon during Friday's early morning balloon launch.

by: JAIME VALDEZ - Brian Johnson of Tualatin watches from Tualatin Elementary School as hot-air balloons rise from the trees. Johnson has been watching the balloons from the school since 2002.

by: JAIME VALDEZ - The Compton family watch the hot-air balloons from a soft spot on the grass at Tualatin Elementary School. The balloons may start their journey in Tigard, but often fly over homes and businesses in Tualatin, giving a free show without the price of admission.

by: JONATHAN HOUSE - 'Persistence' hovers above Cook Park during the Tigard Festival of Balloons.

by: JAIME VALDEZ - The Times' Photgrapher Jon House and 11-year-old Grace Wyant guide Koh Murai's hot air balloon, 'Firenza' to a landing in Tualatin.

Click here for more photos of the balloon festival throughout this weekend.

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