Suspects set off explosives at Sherwood school

by: SHERWOOD POLICE DEPARTMENT - Manufactured 'bottle bombs' and the materials used to make them were recently discovered at Laurel Ridge Middle  School. Sherwood Police are looking for whoever left four “bottle bombs” last week at Laurel Ridge Middle School.

Police discovered the bottles, which were partially filled with a liquid and contained aluminum foil, at the school on Aug. 14.

Officers then called the Metro Explosive Disposal Unit, which determined two of the bottle bombs had already been set off with the other two having apparently malfunctioned when someone tried to trigger them. The bomb squad took care of the remaining bottles, causing area residents to hear two loud explosions.

These types of bombs are easily made with everyday household items and are very dangerous, according to Ty Hanlon, a Sherwood Police Department spokesman.

“The bottle bombs contained chemicals that could have severely burned/injured anyone who may have been holding it or within about a 10-foot radius when it went off,” he said. The bombs don’t necessarily have the power to cause property damage.

“There are different kinds of bottle bombs, some less harmful that use dry ice but still require a chemical reaction that produces a gas that eventually builds, causing the bottle to explode,” he said.

Hanlon said citizens should never touch any odd-looking or suspicious plastic bottles that have liquid in them. Any person who comes across such a bottle should immediately dial 911 and request police response.

Meanwhile, police continue to investigate the case and are seeking any help the public may have in locating the culprits.

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