Time capsule placed at Heritage Center

by: TIMES PHOTO: JONATHAN HOUSE - Tualatin Mayor Lou Ogden, center, along with City Council members Frank Bubenik and Monique Beikman, lower a time capsule that will be unearthed in 50 years.A plaque marks the spot where a future generation of Tualatin residents will unearth a snapshot of life in 2013.

On Thursday, Mayor Lou Ogden, city parks and recreation manager Carl Switzer and members of the City Council took turns cranking the heavy collection of artifacts into the ground in the yard of the Tualatin Heritage Center.

The welded stainless steel box appeared diminutive, considering the more than 78 individual items it contains, including nearly 100 letters to future Tualatin residents, from current residents and school children; a small DVD library and, of course, a DVD player. The capsule came to rest in a cement casing — altogether, nearly 500 pounds of history and protection against the elements.

The capsule was designed with input from Future Packaging & Preservation in Covina, Calif., Switzer said.

The ceremony concludes a year of Centennial celebrations, including February’s performance of “You are There! A Celebration of the City of Tualatin's Centennial Year,” a musical revue penned by local historian Loyce Martinazzi and starring several recognizable faces from the city and historical society; state congressional recognition of the Centennial in May; a dedicated Crawfish Festival theme and fireworks display in August; and in October, the naming of Arianni Kai’anne Moreno as the Centennial baby, the 100th child born in Tualatin during the city’s 100th year.

The box is meant to stay buried for 50 years and representan ideal way to represent what Ogden identified as the Centennial’s theme: “Past, Present and Future.”

More information about the city's Centennial celebrations here.

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