by: Jaime Valdez Jeff Burchett’s new company GoodMovies at New Seasons Market donates a portion of each rental to the Oregon Good Bank.

When people talk about donating to charity, they don't normally suggest renting a movie.

But Tigard's Jeff Burchett has plans to turn DVD-rentals into something that gives back to the community.

This month, Burchett launched GoodMovies, a DVD and Blu-ray rental box at the New Seasons Market at Progress Ridge on Southwest Barrows Road in Southwest Beaverton.

In many ways, GoodMovies is similar to RedBox or other DVD rental kiosks, but with each rental, GoodMovies donates a portion of its proceeds to the Oregon Food Bank, which uses the funds to help feed Oregon's half-million hungry.

'We said, 'What if we did what RedBox is doing, but we do it in a fashion that everybody wins?'' Burchett said.

The concept is simple. At $1.50 per night, the cost is about 25 cents more expensive than the bigger competition.

'We didn't have some big creative pricing model. We're about 25 cents more than a Redbox rental, but that 25 cents goes back to Oregon Food Bank as a donation,' Burchett said.

'With today's lifestyle, it's hard to find time to do charity work a lot of times,' said Burchett, who also runs an Internet service company in Portland fulltime. 'This way we are able to give some money back to the community, and we're also able to make some money ourselves.'

The high-tech vending machine has a selection of new releases and children's films.

Rather than have screens showing available movies, the machine's glass front shows what movies are available at any time.

'If you see something you like, just grab it,' Burchett said. 'If you don't see it, you can go on with your shopping.'

When Burchett was looking to start the company last year, he said he immediately thought of New Seasons, which has spent more than a decade donating to local charities such as Meals-on-Wheels.

'What we are doing with GoodMovies is no different than what New Seasons have been doing for more than 10 years,' Burchett said. 'We are using that community focus and giving back to differentiate us from the competition.'

Burchett knew he wanted to donate a portion of GoodMovies' sales to a local nonprofit organization, and met with members of the Oregon Food Bank.

'We toured the food bank and then it hit me. Yeah. This will work,' Burchett said. 'How can people not want to contribute to what these guys have going?'

So far, Burchett said the kiosk has done well in the three weeks it has been inside the Progress Ridge New Seasons, 14805 S.W. Barrows Road.

'It has been surprisingly good, but we're only in the first 30 days,' he said.

If the business is successful, Burchett said he'd like to expand to other New Seasons markets in Beaverton and Hillsboro.

The trial run at Progress Ridge is expected to last about 90 days.

'I don't have plans to have thousands of these all across the country,' he said. 'But I'd like to see it in the New Seasons in some of the suburbs.'

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