This week's calls for service include: an alleged squatter in a church parking lot undeterred by his van catching fire, a woman who knocked on a stranger's door to ask for a ride to the store and an online sale of a stolen bicycle that didn't quite go as planned.


The Tigard Police Department reported the following arrests from March 7 to March 13: assault — 1, driving under the influence of intoxicants — 4, drug offense — 4, forgery — 1, theft — 6, warrant — 5.

Monday, March 13

• A glass door was broken and a jewelry kiosk burglarized near The Cheesecake Factory, 9309 S.W. Washington Square Road.

• A man kept going in and out of a bathroom at the Tigard Skate Park, 8720 S.W. Burnham St.

• People were allegedly found squatting in a building in the 9500 block of Frewing Court.

• A woman in the 13300 block of Howard Drive reported receiving a bill from the Boy Scouts of America saying she owed them more than $2,000 for a camp in Wisconsin. She suspects it was related to a fraud of which she was a victim last year.

• Someone reported that two boys appeared to be lighting matches and sticking them in a tree in the 11400 block of Winterlake Drive.

• After he parked in the 10900 block of Greenburg Road to go to work, a man was reportedly approached by a construction worker from a nearby building with a crowbar who told him not to park there.

• A woman said a man followed her, cursing at her and threatening to kick her dog, as she walked up 109th Avenue near Canterbury Lane.

Sunday, March 12

• Cash and a phone were reportedly taken by force in a robbery in the area of 90th Avenue and Greenburg Road.

• A woman in the 8900 block of Commercial Street reported being accosted at a bus shelter.

• Even after a van had caught fire days earlier, someone was still apparently squatting in it at Calvin Presbyterian Church, 10445 S.W. Canterbury Ln.

• Someone was detained for trespassing in the 9700 block of Washington Square Road.

• Someone laying down next to a car in the area of McDonald Street and Pacific Highway was suspected of "messing with" vehicles there.

• A motorist was arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants after reportedly speeding at close to 90 mph in the area of Pacific Drive and Cipole Road.

Saturday, March 11

• After being asked to leave Sears, 9800 S.W. Washington Square Road, a man and a woman were reported to be "moving very slow."

• A man with a history of drinking, passing out on the computers and becoming belligerent when awoken at the Tigard Public Library, 13500 S.W. Hall Blvd., returned after previously being told not to come back.

• A woman in the 12700 block of Ascension Drive said her car was taken after someone forged her signature.

• A man appeared to be squatting in an open garage in the 14700 block of 109th Avenue.

Friday, March 10

• The vehicle gates at Terex Utilities, 12805 S.W. 77th Pl., were apparently knocked down with "significant force."

• A man stepped in front of someone's vehicle in the area of 103rd Avenue and McDonald Street.

• The front license plate of a vehicle in the 7500 block of Dartmouth Street was stolen.

• A box truck was reported stolen in the 9800 block of Washington Square Road.

• Someone reported "drug trafficking" in the 8300 block of La Mancha Court.

• Someone drove through a lawn in the 11400 block of Fonner Street.

• Graffiti was found in a restroom at the Tigard Public Library, 13500 S.W. Hall Blvd.

• After a woman left her ATM card at U.S. Bank, 9185 S.W. Hall Blvd., the person in the car behind her allegedly withdrew $200 from her bank account.

• A man who may have been intoxicated laughed and pointed at a couple working on a car in the area of 109th Avenue and Murdock Lane.

• A woman who appeared to be on drugs yelled at Thong Thai Restaurant, 11705 S.W. Pacific Hwy., even after being asked to leave.

• A man slept in a corner at McDonald's, 12090 S.W. Main St., and was unresponsive to the manager's attempts to wake him.

Thursday, March 9

• A man reported that a woman came to his door in the 9300 block of North Dakota Street and, giggling, asked for a ride to Fred Meyer. He suspected she had been drinking.

• A car was set on fire in the 10400 block of Canterbury Lane.

• A woman fell victim to the "nephew scam" in the 13600 block of Brim Place.

• Someone was arrested after allegedly trying to pass a fraudulent check at Wells Fargo, 11760 S.W. Hall Blvd.

• The lock on a door at the 76 gas station, 11440 S.W. Pacific Hwy., was broken.

• A man was seen hitting a woman in the 12000 block of Main Street.

• Someone reported receiving harassing text messages in the 11400 block of Greenburg Road.

• Upon arriving home, a man said, he found someone inside his garage in the 11400 block of Greenburg Road.

• A woman said a former friend kept calling her and accusing her of harassment in the 7700 block of Pfaffle Street.

Wednesday, March 8

• Gasoline was stolen from a truck in the 9800 block of Washington Square Road.

• A man reportedly talked in a loud voice about "terrorism and kidnapping" at Aaron's, 11745 S.W. Pacific Hwy.

• A community mailbox in the 12100 block of 92nd Avenue appeared to have been pried open.

• A man slept in his car on what was reportedly someone else's private property in the 11400 block of Pacific Highway.

• Someone allegedly tried to break into a building through the front door in the 12400 block of Ash Avenue.

• A vehicle was broken into and items stolen after it was apparently left unlocked in the 9500 block of Washington Square Road.

• Someone put glue in a padlock with which someone had locked up his bikes at St. Anthony's Catholic Church, 9905 S.W. McKenzie St.

• A vehicle was broken into and many items were reported stolen from it in the 12100 bloc kof Garden Place.

• A trumpet was reported stolen in the area of Locust Street and Hall Boulevard.

• A man allegedly drank in the Tigard Public Library, 13500 S.W. Hall Blvd.

Tuesday, March 7

• Someone complained of a stolen garbage can in the 16400 block of Meadowood Way.

• A man allegedly impersonated another customer at Chase Bank, 11354 S.W. Durham Road, and tried to make a withdrawal using a fake driver's license before running from the scene.

• Someone reported being threatened by a stranger in the 11800 block of 116th Avenue.

• Two brothers fought in the 12600 block of Hall Boulevard.

• Four people were seen loitering next to Gino's, 11945 S.W. Pacific Hwy., despite several "no loitering" signs in the area.


The Tualatin Police Department reported the following from March 7 to March 13: 643 calls for service, eight traffic crashes and seven arrests.

Monday, March 13

• About $140 in items were stolen from an unlocked vehicle and fuel was siphoned from its tank in the 12000 block of Tualatin Road.

• Someone was kicked out of Tualatin Laundromat, 19415 S.W. Boones Ferry Road, and told not to come back.

Sunday, March 12

• A Vancouver, Wash., man was arrested for theft after he was reportedly caught on surveillance camera trying to steal about $135 in items from Cabela's, 7555 S.W. Nyberg St.

• Someone stole the front license plate off a vehicle in the 10200 block of Kickapoo Court.

Saturday, March 11

• A bicycle rack was stolen from off a vehicle in the 11700 block of Tualatin Road.

Friday, March 10

• Buildings at Tualatin Community Park, 8515 S.W. Tualatin Road, were vandalized with spray paint.

• After she ordered ten tablets, a woman in the 19900 block of 95th Avenue complained that the package she received only contained four tablets.

• Two fishing rods and reels were reported stolen from a residence in the 6700 block of Nyberg Street.

• A vehicle was damaged while unoccupied and parked in the 7700 block of Nyberg Street.

• A Salem woman was arrested for theft after allegedly attempting to steal more than $700 in clothing from Cabela's, 7555 S.W. Nyberg St.

• A package was reported stolen from a porch in the 19700 block of 48th Avenue.

• Four people reportedly fought in the parking lot of Claim Jumper, 18000 S.W. Lower Boones Ferry Road.

Thursday, March 9

• Someone apparently at LA Fitness, 7405 S.W. Nyberg St., to use the restroom allegedly stole a backpack and a pair of earbuds from a locker room.

• A man allegedly cut the master lock to a utility trailer at Delta Connect, 17400 S.W. Upper Boones Ferry Road, before leaving the scene.

• Items were stolen from a vehicle in the 8300 block of Mohawk Street.

Wednesday, March 8

• Someone broke a glass window at Buffalo Wild Wings, 8505 S.W. Tualatin-Sherwood Road, and entered the business, setting off motion detectors.

• A man in the 8400 block of Mohawk Street found a bicycle that had been stolen from him being sold on Craigslist. The bicycle was returned to the owner, with the seller claiming he could not remember where he had gotten it.

• The backs of Barbara Johnson Clothing, 19152 S.W. Martinazzi Ave., and Orange Theory, 19221 S.W. Martinazzi Ave., were tagged with spray-paint.

Tuesday, March 7

• An all-terrain vehicle belonging to Tualatin City Little League was reported stolen from a locked shipping container at Edward Byrom Elementary School, 21800 S.W. 91st Ave.

• A package containing a pair of shoes was reported stolen from a woman's front porch in the 7800 block of Sagert Street.

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