The 'Saxony properties' were built before World War II. Contamination is a known issue on the site.

COURTESY OF THE CITY OF TIGARD - Old buildings at 12533-12537 S.W. Main St. in Tigard are being torn down starting Monday to make way for redevelopment.Contractors are scheduled to begin tearing down three dilapidated buildings on Main Street in Tigard on Monday, Sept. 11, to make way for site redevelopment, according to the City of Tigard.

Crews from Anderson Environmental Contracting LLC started preparing the site at 12533-12537 S.W. Main St. for teardown on Tuesday, Sept. 5, the city said. The actual demolition work will start Monday and is expected to continue through October.

The conjoined buildings are collectively known as the "Saxony properties" or "Main Street at Fanno Creek," the city's name for the redevelopment project. The structure dates back to before World War II and once hosted a log planing mill operation.

The city has said contaminants have been found on the site. However, in a press release Thursday, Sept. 7, it sought to assure the public that the demolition poses no public health hazards, stating that "although contaminants were found on the property, the demolition and cleanup effort will not have any adverse effects on air quality, water, or soil of the surrounding area."

While the demolition is characterized as posing "minimal disturbance" to pedestrian and vehicular traffic along Main Street, according to the city, it will require a sidewalk detour and will take up a few street parking spaces.

Police in Tigard recently began enforcing two-hour limits on street parking in designated areas of downtown Tigard, the city said. Visitors and workers in the downtown area are encouraged to pay attention to posted two-hour limits or face a possible parking ticket.

The City of Tigard also said care will be taken during the demolition work to "minimize" its effect on Fanno Creek. Parts of the buildings overhang the creek.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency awarded the city $400,000 in brownfield cleanup grants for the project. Soil and groundwater contamination on the site — according to officials, mainly stemming from petroleum products and solvents that leached into the soil many years ago — is expected to be addressed during the demolition process.

The redevelopment is part of a broader urban renewal effort in downtown Tigard. Voters in 2006 approved the creation of an urban renewal district for the downtown area. In 2015, the Tigard Town Center Development Agency — then known as the City Center Development Agency — purchased the properties with the intent that they be torn down and redeveloped.

Plans for what will be built on the site have yet to be announced.

Anderson Environmental was the sole bidder on the demolition and cleanup project. The company was awarded the contract last month after submitting a $352,043 bid, roughly $75,000 above what the city engineer estimated as the cost of the project.

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