This week's calls for service include: a man against the state, a child thief and neighbor disputes.


The Tigard Police Department reported the following arrests from Sept. 26 to Oct. 2: assault (2), criminal trespass (1), drug offense (2), robbery (1), theft (4), warrant (3).

Monday, Oct. 2

• A GPS device was stolen from a vehicle in the 15100 block of Royalty Parkway.

• Three windows in the 8000 block of Pfaffle Street appeared to have been struck by BBs.

• Someone in the 11500 block of Pacific Highway reported that a man tried to attack her with a stick.

• A man and a woman were seen throwing things at each other and screaming in the 9800 block of Washington Square Road.

• A man was seen going through recycling in the area of 94th Avenue and North Dakota Street.

• A bicycle was reported stolen after it was left without being locked up in the 12300 block of Main Street.

• Someone in the 11800 block of 91st Avenue reported being menaced by a 6-year-old who was "coming after" them with a butter knife.

• The window of a car was broken and a backpack was stolen from inside in the 9500 block of Washington Square Road.

• A man who gestured obscenely at vehicles driving by as he walked his bicycle up the wrong side of Bull Mountain Road near Pacific Highway reportedly claimed he was "protesting the State of Oregon."

• An employee at Kiss Car Wash, 12475 S.W. Main St., allegedly punched someone in the mouth.

• A man at the bus stop near the intersection of 69th Avenue and Beveland Street appeared to be using a knife sharpener to sharpen a screwdriver, which was reportedly "very sharp."

• A drunken customer refused to leave an office at the Regency Inn, 11455 S.W. Pacific Highway.

• A man appeared to be trying to gain access to a vehicle parked in the 16200 block of Pacific Highway.

Sunday, Oct. 1

• A person in the 16100 block of 108th Avenue reportedly getting constant phone calls and text messages from an ex-partner.

• Two loose dogs were corralled and eventually returned to their owner in the 15600 block of 88th Avenue.

Saturday, Sept. 30

• A customer allegedly hit a fellow customer at The UPS Store, 13500 S.W. Pacific Highway, before leaving in a vehicle.

• A resident of the 8300 block of Durham Road said people were beating on his door and trying to kick it in.

• Someone in the 13700 block of Aerie Drive thought he heard two gunshots.

• A man allegedly struck a neighbor with a baseball bat and pinned him down in the 15000 block of 91st Avenue.

• Three teenagers grabbed at car antennae and threw rocks in the 14300 block of 112th Avenue.

• A man with a large walking stick yelled at people, seemingly at random, in the 11500 block of Pacific Highway.

• A resident of the 13200 block of Summerwood Drive said a neighbor yelled at her and made an obscene gesture toward her as she drove past while they were getting the mail. This has been an ongoing issue.

• A resident of the 11800 block of 91st Avenue said a neighbor was filming them with his phone.

• A man on a skateboard appeared to be fiddling with an ATM at Key Bank, 12744 S.W. North Dakota St.

• Someone reported finding a backpack with what appeared to be methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia at Washington Square mall, 9585 S.W. Washington Square Road.

• A work bag and computer were stolen from a vehicle after it was broken into outside Bed, Bath & Beyond, 16800 S.W. 72nd Ave.

• A woman who was apparently very drunk or had some other issue was shooed out of a residence after coming inside in the 9300 block of Maplewood Drive. She then proceeded to try to get into another apartment, the resident reported.

Friday, Sept. 29

• Someone reported seeing a man break into the back of a community mailbox and steal all the mail from within in the 11600 block of Lomita Avenue.

• A man was found in the street near the intersection of Pacific Highway and Naeve Street. He reportedly said he had been pepper-sprayed, beaten and robbed.

• Two people seen shining a flashlight outside in the 11200 block of Greenburg Road claimed to be looking for their missing cat.

• Possible animal abuse and drug activity were reported in the area of Oak Street and 67th Avenue.

• A resident of the 9600 block of Frewing Street said she was being harassed by a neighbor.

• A lockbox was broken into as someone gained access to a building after-hours in the 9600 block of Oak Street.

• A man yelled at people and waved his hands around outside Whole Foods Market, 12220 S.W. Scholls Ferry Road.

• A man repeatedly tried to cash a check at T-Mobile, 16200 S.W. Pacific Highway.

• A physical disturbance was overheard in the 12200 block of Hall Boulevard.

• People allegedly fought over a backpack in the 13000 block of Pacific Highway, with one of them claiming another was trying to steal it from him.

• A "rough-looking" man was seen "acting strange" in the area of 72nd Avenue and Varns Street.

Thursday, Sept. 28

• Graffiti was spotted in the 10000 block of Johnson Street.

• A man repeatedly rode his bicycle in the 14400 block of Pacific Highway, stopped and spat at the windows of a building.

• Two pit bulls reportedly behaved aggressively in the 15000 block of 92nd Avenue, breaking down a fence.

• For the second night in a row, someone drove a car into an outdoor seating area in the 13800 block of Pacific Highway, smashing it up.

• Someone reportedly waved a shovel at a motorist as she drove by in the 14300 block of McFarland Boulevard.

• A possibly intoxicated man was reported to have yelled profanity, made obscene gestures and feinted at throwing objects at cars as he walked his bicycle through the area of Bull Mountain Road and 120th Place.

• A suspected graffiti artist was reportedly caught in the act on video in the 12900 block of Pacific Highway.

• A man allegedly photographed and videotaped a woman from a vehicle in the 9900 block of Garrett Street.

• Two men reportedly fought in the 7600 block of Dartmouth Street before they were separated.

Wednesday, Sept. 27

• A man at the 76 gas station, 15900 S.W. 72nd Ave., yelled and screamed at the manager, using racial slurs, after staff would not sell beer to him.

Tuesday, Sept. 26

• Two people were overheard fighting in the 13800 block of Pacific Highway.

• "Facebook drama" was reported to police in the 15900 block of 72nd Avenue.

• A man fell down on the bus in the area of Greenburg Road and 90th Avenue, TriMet dispatch reported.

• A man and a woman were involved in a physical altercation in the area of Koski Drive and 98th Avenue.

• A vehicle allegedly drove into oncoming traffic in the 12300 block of Scholls Ferry Road.

• A resident of the 8900 block of Reiling Street said her neighbor came to her house, called her names and threatened her.


The Tualatin Police Department reported the following from Sept. 26 to Oct. 2: 667 calls for service, 22 traffic crashes and eight arrests.

Monday, Oct. 2

• Graffiti was spotted at Edward Byrom Elementary School, 21800 S.W. 91st Ave.

• A GPS device was stolen from a vehicle in the 19800 block of 68th Avenue.

• Someone stole a garden wagon from a front yard in the 17500 block of Cheyenne Way.

• A Tualatin woman was arrested for drunken driving after she allegedly failed a field sobriety test in the 9300 block of Sagert Street.

Sunday, Oct. 1

• Miscellaneous debris was left in a dumpster at Hewn Elements, 21235 S.W. 108th Ave.

Saturday, Sept. 30

• A vehicle was entered overnight and a wallet was stolen from inside in the 8300 block of Mohawk Street.

• A money box with $80 in it was stolen in the 8300 block of Mohawk Street.

• Someone allegedly snuck into another person's room at Comfort Inn & Suites, 7640 S.W. Warm Springs St., and stole a reported $4,500 in cash.

Thursday, Sept. 28

• An employee at Dick's Sporting Goods, 17799 S.W. Lower Boones Ferry Road, allegedly stole about $340 in clothing but later returned it to the store.

• Someone stole a package from a porch in the 11100 block of Oneida Street.

• A man was arrested for robbery, interfering with a police office, violating the terms of his probation and possession of heroin after he allegedly used force to steal items from Whole Foods Market, 7380 S.W. Bridgeport Road.

Wednesday, Sept. 27

• Someone broke a vehicle window in the 6900 block of Napa Court.

• A firearm was found inside a returned rental vehicle at Enterprise Rent-a-Car, 20400 S.W. Teton Ave. It was returned to its owner.

• Someone allegedly employed a young girl in a scheme to steal iPhones from the Apple Store, 7293 S.W. Bridgeport Road.

Tuesday, Sept. 26

• Someone spray-painted a concrete bridge in the area of Pacific Highway and Hazelbrook Road.

• A recycling bin was stolen in the 21100 block of Martinazzi Avenue.

• A tow dolly was reported stolen from U-Haul, 7100 S.W. McEwan Road.

• Personal documents were stolen from a vehicle in the 19600 block of 67th Avenue.

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