Over the following week, the Tigard police reported the following incidents: Burglary, 1; Theft, 8; Embezzlement, 1; Warrant, 4; Robbery, 1; Driving while suspended.

Monday, Feb. 19

• Someone reporter that a juvenile on a scooter offered him what appeared to be stolen stuff for a ride.

• A caller who refused to be identified reported a naked man walking around in the basement of the shelter area of St. Anthony's School. • A woman reported that her wallet had been stolen from the 10200 block of Washington Square.

• A woman called to report that she believed there was a man in the Tigard library inappropriately touching children.

• A man was reported sleeping inside the WinCo store and cussed at an employee when asked to leave.

• An apparently drunken man was reported standing in front of a bus in the 8900 block of Commercial Street.

Sunday, Feb. 18

• A group of three to six individuals in the 12000 block of Main Street approached a man getting into his truck and asked if he wanted to fight them although he hadn't done anything wrong.

• A man was reported walking around a cul-de-sac in the 13100 block of Grant Avenue talking to himself and drinking a beer.

• An assault on a TriMet bus driver by a woman at the Tigard Transit Center was reported. The woman was reportedly still walking around the area.

• A woman at the Goodwill store was reported talking to herself. She left without paying for a coat.

Saturday, Feb. 17

• Someone was reported trying to get into a vehicle in the 9800 block of Walnut Place.

• A man in front of a business off of Highway 99W was reported yelling obscenities and threatening the staff of a business next door as they left from work.

Friday, Feb. 16

• A man reported he was at Pacific Highway and Bull Mountain Road when another man started to kick him and pushed his glasses off as he walked past him.

• A man driving northbound on Highway 99W near 72nd Avenue with a female passenger reportedly pulled a gun on another driver.

• A stolen vehicle was reported in the 10300 block of Cascade Avenue.

• Two motorcycles were purchased with a fraudulent credit card from a business in the 10300 block of Cascade Avenue.

• A case of littering was reported after a white flatbed truck dumped a bunch of garbage, including what looked like buckets of hazardous waste materials, at Maplewood Drive and Ash Avenue.

• Police arrested two men after they reportedly grabbed money out of a man's hands in the 10700 block of Greenburg Road.

• A large, injured dog was reported on the railroad tracks across from the 9500 block of Tigard Street.

Thursday, Feb. 15

• An individual was reported trying handles on vehicles in the Walmart parking lot.

• A vehicle was reported stolen from a parking lot behind and below the plaza near Archers Afield.

• Police recovered a stolen vehicle from a location at Karol Court and Katherine Street.

• A man in the 9600 block of McKenzie Street called to report a stolen watch, which had been taken the previous week.

• Residents of a transient camp in the 11700 block of Pacific Highway were given a warning to leave.

• A woman had her wallet stolen, possibly while at a grocery store in the 15500 block of Pacific Highway. Her credit card had been used.

Wednesday, Feb. 14

• An injury traffic accident involving a pedestrian was reported at Scholls Ferry Road and 135th Avenue.

• A man left a store in the 15900 block of Hall Boulevard with a "ton" of stuff in his arms, according to a store employee.

Tuesday, Feb. 13

• A man called to report $80 had been stolen from him.

n A woman called to report a case of fraud after a collections agency called to report her husband had outstanding debt after someone open an account using his name and former address.

• A woman shopping at Washington Square stole items and left a store.

• A case of harassment was reported after several dog owners asked another dog owner to control his animal after it started harassing other dogs and the owner used vulgar language when confronted.

• Theft from a vehicle was reported after a tool box was taken from a vehicle parked in the 9600 block of North Dakota.

• A woman reported that a man threatened to assault her because she was walking an unleashed dog in the 12500 block of Main Street. It turns out the woman had previously pepper sprayed the man's dog.

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