Beverly Robinson is a Tualatin resident, and submitted this Soapbox for her choice in the Tualatin City Council race, Nov. 6.

I support Monique Beikman for re-election to the Tualatin City Council. Why? Because she listens and provides thoughtful answers to complex problems.

Monique is respectful even when she disagrees. She stands up for what she believes, but is graceful when others voice different views. I have had the opportunity to talk with Monique about issues that reflect Tualatin’s growth, its diverse community members, its neighborhoods and businesses. I have watched Monique participate in City Council meetings where she encourages open discussion, demonstrates a quick grasp of issues and shows she has done her homework. Monique always seeks collaborative solutions to tough challenges. I would describe her as an honest, caring, committed woman who acts with integrity. I can think of no one I admire and respect more.

I know Monique best from her work on Tualatin Tomorrow. She and Councilor Frank Bubenik laid the foundation for Tualatin Tomorrow, committing hundreds of hours over several years. Today, we have a community vision and a standing City Advisory Committee advancing that vision. Today, we have neighborhood Citizen Involvement Organizations that support two-way communication with city government, and Monique participates through CIO 6. Today, we have a transportation task force with Monique seeking solutions to core area parking and the smart development of a thriving business community. She is also a representative on a statewide Oregon Department of Transportation committee.

Monique is active, and often the impetus, in many other community endeavors. She works with Tualatin Together, a program to combat alcohol and drug abuse with our youth. She initiated walk and bike to school days. She started Fit Kids to combat childhood obesity. Monique works with our Tualatin Youth Advisory Council each year in addition to her hundreds of hours volunteering at Byrom and Hazelbrook schools.

Based on all that she has done and continues to do, I want Monique to represent me on the City Council. Monique will listen. She will voice thoughtful opinions. And Monique will act with integrity.

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