Kevan Rasmussen has lived in the Fox Hill neighborhood in Tualatin for 17 years and shares these thoughts on the Nov. 6 general election.

I’m writing this letter to you in support of Jan Giunta for Tualatin City Council. This year we have a clear choice for City Council Position 2. I urge you to vote for Jan Giunta as she will be an outstanding city councilor who represents you.

Jan says “no” to projects such as the infamous “four-lane traffic bridge over our Community Park,” and said “no” to the Stafford Hills Tennis Club, both supported by Jan’s opponent, Monique Beikman. Jan opposed, and will continue to oppose, these very bad ideas that destroy our parks, our downtown and our neighborhoods. The approval of the tennis club is now having profound negative effects on the eastern Tualatin neighborhoods. This poor decision will be harmful for years. It will increase traffic and significantly reduce property values near the club.

Jan says “yes” to fiscal reasonability and “yes” to projects which truly benefit our community. Jan says “yes” to authentic and effective citizen involvement. Jan is a key leader in the design and formation of Tualatin’s Citizen Involvement Organizations. Jan’s opponent, Monique, was the only city councilor who voted against City Council adoption of this citizen-led program.

This CIO program provides residents the means to have an effective voice to change our local government, impact City Council decisions, as well as improve our neighborhoods. Jan continues her commitment to citizens by helping residents establish five of the six residential CIOs and the Commercial CIO. She serves as the president of her CIO, Riverpark.

Jan says “yes” to representation for each of our neighborhoods! Jan will provide that independent vote on City Council, representing citizens and neighborhoods while balancing the needs of commerce and industry. Jan is a strong and courageous advocate for the citizens of our great community.

Many of Jan’s campaign donations are from Tualatin residents and local small businesses. Jan brings the skills necessary to encourage industry while protecting the livability of our city.

Jan says “yes” to the support of our natural areas and wetlands! She would like our wetland areas to be more open and integrated into our community. Jan knows that this would allow us and our children the opportunity to enjoy the rich wildlife and beauty of one of Tualatin’s most unique and precious resources. Jan supports and will actively work to establish the Tonquin Trail, as well as construct more walk and bike ways throughout Tualatin. She is truly the City Council candidate who views our city as a community.

Join me and many of your Tualatin neighbors in electing Jan Giunta for Tualatin City Council, Position 2. To learn more about Jan and her dedication to Tualatin, please visit her website at

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