Candice Kelly is a Tualatin resident.

I want to express my support for one of our School Board members, Dana Terhune, who is a present School Board member running for re-election, not because she is using this as a “stepping stone” for a higher office, but because she cares about quality education for the children in our community.

She is also not running on a single issue. As we all know, single-issue races usually make for very bad long-term commitments.

No, Dana is running because she wants this job that she has spent the last four years doing and making a difference in while gaining a better handle on all the diverse and difficult issues that face our school system today.

Before her first term on the board, she already had a great background of experience for this position having been in the classroom, as well as at the school and district level, and then came her work with the Foundation for Tigard Tualatin Schools.

Due to this tireless long-term commitment to our schools, she has gained a strong knowledge of the school activities, classroom and administrative needs and structure as well as an especially deep level of understanding of the school system budget process.

Dana is also mother of two wonderful children who are products of the Tigard-Tualatin School District, so she has the experience of being a parent in our school system as well, and therefore she can empathize with the students, their parents and her peers, working hard to be sure we have one of the best school systems in the state.

I have had the pleasure of working with Dana for several years now while she has represented the TTSD, one of the largest Tualatin Tomorrow Partners, and, along with the Chamber of Commerce, also serves on the Advisory Committee as the representative for the larger partner group.

She works for the betterment of our kids, our school system and our community; she helped make this April’s Partner Education Forum Event a great success, getting educators together to share information with the Community about the need for lifelong learning. She helped get the right people in the room to have a wonderful conversation with each other and the community.

Please consider joining me in re-electing Dana Terhune to the Tigard-Tualatin School Board to continue strengthening our school system. She has great experience and wants this job! She works tirelessly for us, so let’s have her continue to share her expertise and energy for our kids!

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