'Mayor Clark-Endicott, who is not paid for her service, has been an outstanding mayor.'

Alan H. Pearson.It never ceases to amaze me how little people know or understand how their government works. It is especially appalling when the editor of a local newspaper displays such fundamental misunderstanding of how local government works.

Sherwood has a council-manager form of government. The policy decisions are made by a majority of the six-person city council and the mayor. The administrative functions are carried out by a city manager hired and supervised by the majority vote of the mayor and the city council.

The mayor has no administrative authority or power. The mayor has no unilateral legislative powers. The mayor has no power to spend, or authorize the expenditure of funds. All policy decisions are made by a majority vote of the six councilors and the mayor.

Your editorial, "Resignation should start shift to normalcy," contained many factual errors. Mayor Krisanna Clark-Endicott did not lead the charge to solicit new bids for the operation of the Sherwood Recreation and Aquatic Center. The 20-year contract with the YMCA to manage the facility was coming to an end.

Good government practice calls for the solicitation of bids for government contracts through RFPs (request for proposals). Mayor Clark-Endicott was simply the spokesperson for the decision by the majority of the council and mayor to proceed in good government practice.

Mayor Clark-Endicott did not push for the Washington County Sheriff's Office to take over patrol duties at night. Under former Mayor Bill Middleton, a police effectiveness study was initiated. In the study it was found that the two officers on duty at that time were found to be "pro-active 96 percent" of the time. In English, this meant that they had nothing to do. It was suggested that it would be more fiscally sensible to have the Washington County sheriff patrol at that time, and utilize the Sherwood officers in other ways. The majority of the council and mayor decided not to pursue this plan.

It amazes me that the city-owned building built for the explicit purpose of providing recreational and aquatic facilities for all of the citizens of Sherwood is the only one of the city's facilities that is required to have the management of the building show a profit to manage the building. There is no such requirement for the Sherwood Center for the Arts, or the Sherwood Senior Center, or the library, or any other amenity the city offers.

Mayor Clark-Endicott's children had already moved to Redmond before the start of the school year. Maybe you should be asking why they were so ready to leave a town that they were born and raised in, rather than continue to live in Sherwood.

Mayor Clark-Endicott, who is not paid for her service, has been an outstanding mayor. She has conducted herself with dignity and honor. She has made many sacrifices to serve the citizens of Sherwood. She has been treated in a very disrespectful and shameful manner. What is happening in Sherwood is damaging to the town and its government. It is going to take a long time to recover from this.

Alan H. Pearson is a Sherwood resident and former member of the Sherwood Planning Commission.

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