The Estates Golf and Country Club waits for a Jan. 14 board meeting to receive confirmation of where Neighborhood Watch signs can be posted throughout The Estates.

The signs were provided by Woodburn Police Chief Scott Russell around August and are scheduled to be installed on The Estates’ high-traffic roads.

“We just want to comply with all of the rules,” said Sharon Schaub, general manager of Estates Golf and Country Club. “As soon as we know that we’ve complied with all of the rules and requirements, then the signs will go up.”

Until all information is given to the board, no action will take place.

Schaub mentioned that she will present a status report at the meeting, which will include the exact number of homes that were hit with graffiti and vandalism Dec. 23, as well as the previous episode of vandalism on June 22. After conversing with Woodburn Police officer Brandon Smith, she stated she has an additional direction she intends to take, which will also be presented at the meeting.

Before The Estates initially got hit in June, the association had started a Neighborhood Watch program, which was divided into six sections. Schaub said she currently has three captains and is seeking three more voluntary residents. The neighborhood captains will work with assigned residents to report anything that looks suspicious in the future.

“We have members that are concerned and they want to make sure that their neighborhood is safe,” said Schaub.

Woodburn Police regularly patrol The Estates’ golf course at night with squad cars, according to Schaub.

She mentioned she is currently looking at all possibilities, including surveillance and security systems to keep residents secure.

However, she realizes the potential increased expense, which would come to the conclusion of raising residents’ dues.

“We’re just paying attention, naturally, we always have. This is a very unfortunate situation,” said Schaub. “We’re going to carry on business as usual and make sure we’re doing the best we can to protect our membership.”

Schaub recommends residents get a lock for their cable boxes and motion detectors for extra precaution.

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