We have never met, but as my shopping cart squeezes its way by yours in the grocery aisle, I feel our connection when we exchange smiles. Even if you just move your cart to let me pass, we have affirmed each other’s existence. No man need be an island. We have each other.

One day recently, I experienced five personal affirmations. Touching my heart at different depths, still they each reminded me of who I am. Let’s start at the end of that day.

After shopping, I tried to remember where I had parked. It was dark and cold. Finding my car, I noticed the car parked in front of mine. A man was inside the car’s motor, up to his elbows. I asked if he needed my headlights on to see better. He said, “No,” and, “Thank you.” I felt the sincerity of his thanks. I experienced that as a person to person connection.

Just before that, I had been standing in a customer service line for more than 10 minutes when I initiated a conversation with the man behind me. We had a friendly chat. It wasn’t too personal but neither was it superficial. It was real.

Earlier that same day, family members and I had gathered at a buffet restaurant to welcome my nephew home from Army boot camp. He was leaving for Korea soon. As a family, we loved on him. His uncles teased him. We took family pictures. I appreciated talking with him. Several advised him on how to hang on to God during life’s intensities. My nephew and I grew closer that day. He heard the respect and counsel I offered him. He respected me in return. No one wanted to leave that gathering. It was hard to say goodbye. But before the goodbyes, I had two encounters inside the buffet.

At the dessert counter, a man showed me the little cross he’s carried in his wallet for 25 years. He said he liked the cross necklace I was wearing. If I would have met him minutes earlier, I could have shown him my cross bracelet. As it was, by the time I met him, I’d already given away my bracelet to someone I met at the meat counter.

I was looking at meatloaf when I felt a soft touch on my hand. There was a little boy, just taller than my knees. He was fingering the cross on my bracelet. Almost mesmerized. I asked him, “Do you like it?” I told him, “It’s about Jesus.” He didn’t say anything, but his eyes were fastened to the turquoise cross. His mom came around the corner, looking for him. I told her, “He likes my bracelet.” She explained to him it was a cross. I offered my bracelet to the mom. The boy remained wide-eyed and quiet while his mom tried to get him to say, “Thank you.”

I feel wonderful with my small part in whatever epiphany that little boy was having.

I feel blessed to have shared Jesus with them.

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