Reporter right about gun control issue

To the editor:

My husband and I couldn’t agree with Tyler Francke more about “The lunacy of a nation” (June 18 edition, Page 4A) relative to gun control and the ongoing repetition of school shootings nationwide.

It’s gone beyond sad to utterly disgusting in this country’s quest to preserve the right to bear arms. Arms should mean hand guns, not assault rifles! Our Founding Fathers would indeed be astounded at how twisted this entire NRA gun control issue has become. We are an ignorant country practicing an ideology, whose time has long passed. AR-15s, AK-47s and other even more tragically insidious assault rifles were not around at the time the Second Amendment was written. Unfortunately, the NRA and the far right need to change their thinking, do the right thing or we are forever doomed as a nation.

Katherine Mueller


Downtown volunteer help appreciated

To the editor:

On behalf of the Woodburn Downtown Association (WDA), I would like to thank Fessler Nursery for its continued generosity and support. Fessler Nursery donated 400 four-inch annual plants that were planted in more than 80 planters in our downtown area this spring.

Thanks also to instructor Kathy Boyer and students from WAAST who volunteered their time to plant the annuals over a two-week period. They did a great job and we appreciate their efforts.

Anthony Veliz

President, Woodburn Downtown Association

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