Voters wouldn't re-elect legislatures if they agreed there should be term limits

In regards to the article about term limits for state representatives (See "Proposed term limits would remove 25 state legislators from office, analysis shows" on Page A13 of the July 19 edition): Should it not be up to the will of the voters to decide when to impose term limits by casting their votes for or against those currently serving?

In a democratic society the will of the voters is the deciding factor as to who serves and who doesn't.

The article states that 25 current state representatives would be gone had term limits been enacted.

If those currently elected by the people are still in office today, that tells us that obviously they're doing exactly as their voters intended by continuing to re-elect them.

If your current representative is actively carrying out the duties of his or her office that convinced you to support them, then what have you lost?

Even if politics or parties rub one another the wrong way, then that person should declare their candidacy for those voters to consider and respond.

Petition 19 is a cop out to null and void our democracy.

The representatives of our state have a job to do and the voters will decide if they are doing it. If not, bye bye.

Arnold Ponce


Thanks to Independent for coverage of car show

Thank you again to the Woodburn Independent for accepting and covering our Show and Shine Car Show in the upcoming events section of the paper before our event and for the full publication of our article after the event with a nice picture.

I have always enjoyed working with Lindsay and she has helped me with articles for our 50th anniversary at Woodburn Estates & Golf and with car shows over the years.

Thank you.

Diana Lindberg


Contract Publishing

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