Continued debate on police accountability and appreciation for planning commissioners who voted 'no' on apartments

Reader suggests public forum as way to give feedback to police department

Mr. Ponce, my goodness. Here we are again at odds. Same story, same tune.

Okay, let me make it clear, you are entitled to express your opinion, and while I am also allowed to express mine, we will always differ on our opinion.

Now here is my suggestion to clear up some of your apprehensions and unhappiness with Chief Ferraris and the police department (now don't get all in a bind, it's just a suggestion.)

Attend some or all of the public forums, address your concerns to Chief Ferraris. Give him a chance to answer your concerns. This, my friend, is how democracy works. Whether you agree or not is okay. Just keep an open mind.

Sir, I had 35 employees and by following the advice I shared with you, my husband and I had a very successful business. Not saying it was smooth all the time, but we listened to grievances and each other. There's the key.

Goodbye Mr. Ponce, it's been interesting.

Pat Peterson


Reader thanks dissenting planning commissioners

I want to thank Charlie Piper and Sharon Corning for voting "No" on the Woodburn Planning Commission in regards to the 300-unit apartment being built in west Woodburn despite the opposition of the city residents to the incursion into their neighborhood.

I noted my journal entry dated 2009 in which city residents voiced opposition to the city plan on the grounds that there was minimal representation of city residents in the development of that plan, mostly developed by people who didn't live here. Is that the "standards and guidelines" referred to in the newspaper article?

When hearings were held on the Woodburn I-5 exit, city residents voiced that a second exit was needed, either at Crosby Road or at Butteville Road, to the north/south of the main exit, in order to divert traffic from our neighborhoods and to provide rear access to the Outlets in future planning.

ODOT ignored the wisdom of city residents, responding that it would only divert 1 million cars, insufficient to warrant the expenditure. On Black Friday, I-5 traffic was held hostage to the sole traffic light at the exit all the way back to Donald-Aurora; I had to drive all the way down to Brooks and return on 99E in order to get back home.

Your vote is your voice. Thank you, Charlie and Sharon, for representing the voice of city residents rather than City Hall. Quality of life is the main issue. Maybe the next item the Woodburn Planning Commission could tackle is resurfacing the streets; you wouldn't buy a house in which the floors looked like these streets. Your voice is your vote!

Kay McEwen


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