The newspaper has been a valuable tool for English language learners in class

I want to thank you especially for your Dec. 10, 1942 Page from the Past. I teach English language learners and have used the newspaper in my classes for years. It is a wonderful educational tool, full of rich vocabulary, interesting articles and cultural lessons that benefit my students greatly. It is also a great way to introduce these students to what is going on in their community; information they wouldn't otherwise get from other sources. My students take the paper with them and continue reading it at home.

The paper always offers current events to talk about, and my students ask great questions about what is going on, about the cultural background of the topic, etc. So when we read the Page from the Past, we spent the whole night talking about it. It was all about getting ready for the U.S. participation in World War II. We learned many things about what was going on at home, like selective service activities, rationing, ladies making "ditty bags," about the impact of sending packages to service men at Christmas time, the prices of food at that time, and even how a high school homecoming was celebrated then.

I thank you for letting me continue to use the Woodburn Independent in my classrooms. I hope to see more "blasts from the past" like this. How interesting to read about news of today as well as what happened years ago in Woodburn. What a great historical document your newspaper is!

Kathy Boyer


Medical professionals support Measure 101

This is a crucial time for health care access in Oregon. Voting YES on Measure 101 this January is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that affordable health care is kept accessible for Oregonians — especially kids, seniors and people with disabilities.

As a rural family practice physician and clinic medical director of a community health clinic in Woodburn, I know firsthand how important accessible health care is to our community. We value preventative care in our practice because we know screening for colon cancer is far better than treating it with chemo, giving insulin is far better than giving them dialysis, and treating their hypertension is far better than their heart attack.

Our health system is currently under attack and we need to fight for our community and patients. Voting yes on Measure 101 means protecting health care for Oregon families — including 400,000 children, as well as seniors and people with disabilities — who otherwise couldn't afford a doctor's visit and are often forced to go to the emergency room when they get sick. When people are forced to go to the emergency room, it drives up costs for everyone.

No one should have to debate whether they should go in for care. With this law, more hard-working Oregonians will be able to afford quality health insurance that gets them the care they need.

During the last legislative session, our legislators already developed a bipartisan approach, in concert with our state business leaders, unions, hospitals,, and the AARP, to support health care in Oregon. We should not be rehashing this at the expense of patients' lives.

Please join me, and thousands of health care professionals across the state, in voting YES on Measure 101 this January.

Antonio Germann, M.D., M.P.H.


If minor crimes are stopped, major crimes won't happen

In reference to the political cartoon and Citizen View piece entitled, "'What is at stake if we don't begin talking?'" in the Nov. 22 issue of the Woodburn Independent:

Before the newcomers to the Woodburn Independent start trying to tell the people who have lived here a few years about motes in their eyes would they please check the local and national histories, being very sure they have the whole history completely and accurately, not a story told by the college liberal arts departments.

When World War II started, dairy barns and slaughterhouses began buring down and railcars were being sabotaged, until FDR issued an executive order unturning all foreign nationals from countries at war with the United States. The nonsense stopped immediately.

What about Deputy Kelly Fredinburg, a promising young deputy sheriff killed in a crash on Highway 99E south of Woodburn? His killer is still free in Mexico.

Who has been muling drugs into Woodburn and selling drugs all over downtown Woodburn?

How many of the names printed in the police logs in the Woodburn Independent each week are illegally here from Mexico?

Why haven't the Dreams since DACA came into being been working on getting their status legal?

Isn't it time that the powers that be in City Hall let the Woodburn Police Department return to the broken window theory of law enforcement? Jump all over minor law violations and major law violations just don't happen.

Isn't it time the federal government started enforcing the immigration laws fairly, accurately, equally and as they are written? It is time local police help the Immigration and Customs Enforcement instead of covering up the acts of criminal illegal aliens. It is time we quit allowing the inhabitants of the D.C. swamp to write another amnesty law that would allow immigration into the United States by masses of unproductive and ignorant people that will pay no taxes but will demand larger welfare and rent subsidy checks, and will be dependable voters for Democrat office holders.

Lenthal Kaup


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