by: MAYGAN BECKERS - Emmanuel Sandoval, Brooke Haase and Logan Kirsch wait to share their 'working world' projects with parents in Katie Stuart's second grade classroom. St. Luke Catholic School students ran through the halls with smiles on their faces, as they shared their efforts with parents at the school’s academic showcase on Jan. 27.

Preschool teacher Kara Bischoff based her students’ assignments on “The Mitten” by Jan Brett, which included children creating their own story on an interactive board. Students also graphed their favorite animal in the story by placing their cut-out handcrafted mitten on a graph where all students’ favorite animals were displayed.

Mary Bowman had her students choose and research a penguin with the help of an eighth-grade student. Bowman instructed her students to present each penguin in its habitat for the project as well. First-grader Owen Elsasser studied the little blue penguin.

“The little blue penguin can be found in New Zealand and Australia,” he shared.

Katie Stuart’s second-grade students studied the “working world,” which primarily focused on goods and services found in the local community. The project required students to use a shoebox to make a business of their choice. Second-grader Max Nelson created a treehouse nursery, which focused on delivering and landscaping.

by: MAYGAN BECKERS - St. Luke Catholic School third-grader Jenna Hopkins shared 'The Secret Garden,' which is her final draft of teacher Laura Preuitt's assignment.From brainstorming to the final draft, Laura Preuitt’s third-graders displayed the writing process. Each student showed their progress by labeling each step of writing on their desks. Third-grader Jenna Hopkins had a complete draft and presented evidence of how she developed her story titled “The Secret Garden.”

Fourth-grade teacher Mary Sue Haener taught her students Oregon’s history. Each student paired up with another and studied major events during Oregon’s road to becoming a state. Emily Vachter and Yessenia Hernandez presented the Lewis and Clark expedition. Vachter mentioned that creating a mold map displaying where Lewis and Clark traveled was her favorite component of the project.

Lisa Hager’s fifth-graders focused on engineering design in small groups. Hager taught her students the effects of an earthquake by using a shake table, which had a demo building made of sugar cubes on the table.

“They had a great time,” Hager said.

The academic showcase kicked of National Catholic Schools Week, which ran Jan. 26-Feb. 1.

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