The short term rental company offers five different models of upscale car and SUVs for its members

PHOTO COURTESY OF REACHNOW - This BMW X1 SUV i samong the vehicles available to ReachNow members near the airport.The ReachNow short-term car rental service has expanded their offerings to include service at PDX airport.

ReachNow has arranged 20 spaces of dedicated parking at AirPark, which is a short shuttle ride from PDX. ReachNow members can use the service to drive themselves between downtown Portland and PDX for less than $20 each way.

ReachNow members dropping a rental off at AirPark will use a special ticket, which is left in the car. When the next member picks up the rental, there is no charge for parking. All ReachNow rentals include gas, insurance and parking.

ReachNow also provides the same service at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

"Our dedicated parking at Sea-Tac is one of the most popular use cases for our members and we believe that Portland residents and visitors will love it, too," said Steve Banfield, CEO, ReachNow.

ReachNow offers five different models of BMW and MINI cars, including the BMW X1 SUV and BMW 3-Series sedans. In Portland, daily rates start at $80. More information on Portland's ReachNow fleet and rental pricing is available at

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