Cedaroak Park Primary School raised more than $5,000 so its principal would kiss a pig

Fifth-grader Kyren Colarchie chalks up another lap at Friday's fun run at Cedaroak Park Primary School.
Incentives work well with children, which is why the brains behind the parent teacher group at Cedaroak Park Primary School created an incentive to raise money for the school’s annual fun run/walk Good For the Sole, Great For the School.

If the school raised $5,000 from the fun run, which was held Oct. 5, Principal Peter McDougal will kiss a pig during the school’s morning assembly.

“Some principals have shaved their heads in years past, you just try to dangle a carrot out there to excite the children,” said volunteer Kristin McCoy. “Our PTA president has a friend with a pig that is just needing some love, so what better way to make a pig feel love then to be surrounded by students and get a kiss from the principal?”

McCoy said McDougal has already agreed to the piggy proposition.

“He was a little hesitant,” she said. “He had to check with his wife first.”

Fun run organizer Kristin McCoy encourages runners.As of last week, the school has raised almost $6,000 — and donations are still pouring in. Which means McDougal has a date with a pig. Students learned of their successful donation drive during the morning assembly the day of the event. After an intense drum droll, a pig mascot ran through the auditorium with a poster with kisses all over it. Students screamed and squealed at the news of their success.

“I screamed because I was so excited,” said second-grader Makena Big John-Miller. “It’s going to look so silly.”

Good For the Sole, Great For the School is the school’s largest fundraiser. Volunteers asked that each family at Cedaroak Park donate $35. The money raised goes to art literacy programs, assemblies and student gardens.

Fun run mascot (Lewis McCoy) offers high-fives to runners.Kindergartener Gavin Krusee had flushed red cheeks at the race. He said he likes running, especially with other kids. When asked by his mom if he thinks the pig is funny he smiled a big toothy smile and said, “yes.”

The fundraiser is a two-fold event. The event also promotes health and wellness for the children, McCoy said. “Instead of selling popcorn, cookies or wrapping paper, it’s raising money in a more healthful way,” she added.

Second-grader Declan Winder said he likes running because he plays soccer and it’s good exercise. Unlike his classmates, Winder said he didn’t laugh or scream when he heard about the pig.

“I think it’s going to look weird,” Winder said.

Principal Peter McDougal runs along with third-graders Anna Boyer, center, and Carley Moos.Every student at Cedaroak Park Primary School participated in the event. The oval racecourse was set up in the middle of the soccer field was a little bigger than a high school track. Parents dressed in yoga pants and running shorts ran with their children, as did McDougal and the pig mascot (who was also dressed in running shorts). All-in-all, organizers said the annual race — the biggest one yet — was a success.

PJ Killion keeps up a strong pace.Fifth-grader Alyssa Rowe said she really likes running. She was excited to run the race because they had been practicing in her physical education class. She’s more excited to see the real life pig.

“It’s going to be really funny,” Rowe said. “It’s not every day you get to see your principal kiss a pig.”

For more information, including last minute donations, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 503-673-7100.

Sara Carstairs and her daughter, third-grader Nola, walk together.


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