by: SUBMITTED - Madison StatenBe it esteemed seniors, hardworking juniors, glanced-over sophomores or newbie freshmen, all high school students have the same amount of time to learn and experience what it takes to be a lion at West Linn High School.

Four years can seem like forever when you’re first starting out on the journey to graduation, but the ones who just donned caps and gowns know that the time goes by all too quickly.

Some students look back at this past year with fond memories, others with regrets, and the majority are ready for a very long summer.

No matter what your viewpoint is on this year, the 10 months of 2012-2013 school year can’t ever be repeated. Not that three-alarm fires aren’t enjoyable enough to be repeated or anything…

This year has been filled with fire in more ways than one. From the roaring applause of “Kiss Me Kate” billowing from the school’s auditorium this fall or the multiple sports teams winning first in state, no one could doubt the sparks that have been flying this school year.

You can’t borrow time, can’t buy time or find time once it’s gone, but you can live your life to the fullest. The students of West Linn High School have made sure to make each day count.

Students know that being part of the lion legacy is unique. Within West Linn students figure out how to leave their own mark, even if that includes renting a mariachi band to follow the principal around.

We didn’t start the fire at West Linn High School. In more ways than one, it was always burning since the world’s been turning.

From May Day princesses and donkey basketball players, students are leaving West Linn this summer having had many exciting experiences.

That doesn’t mean that the experiences need to end just because the school year is over. Next year, students need to dream even higher. West Linn is a place students can flourish because they are encouraged to dream bigger and taught how to put those dreams into action.

Being this privileged means that students can’t be afraid to speak their minds. Lions can’t be afraid to stand up for their beliefs or ideas. Having courage and pride in yourself is what being a true lion is all about.

Long live the students of West Linn — students whose dreams and ideas are burning inside them just waiting for a spark. Let’s ignite that light.

Madison Staten is completing her freshman year at West Linn High School.

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