OliverasI was a bit stumped this week on what to write about, so I decided to share an old journal entry of mine.

Dear Diary,

This year has gone by so fast, it’s scary. I’m afraid that my life will be so short and I’m not actually living, just existing. I’m really stressed now because my first AP human geography final exam is in three days. Anyways, I want to write down my life as a note to my future self.

Hi there! It’s me, 14-year-old you. I have short hair right now and no braces! I have one month of my freshman year left. This year was extremely challenging, but I learned to play guitar! Do you still play? Remember the first song you wrote? Remember all the small things. Remember the whale swimming under the boat on Orcas Island. Remember San Francisco. Remember how you want/wanted to be in the FBI. Remember “Yellow” and “Trouble” by Coldplay and “Long Live” by Taylor Swift. Remember how much you love swimming and your endless knee injuries. Remember all their names and faces. Remember how much you used to love and hate him. Remember your friends. Remember how you loved looking at your reflection in the water when you did a flip turn. Remember everything beautiful.

Love, Sarah Oliveras

I wrote this on May 14 of this year. I am now 15. After growing my hair out for two years, it finally touches my neck and shoulders. Freshman year is long over. To be perfectly honest, it was the worst year of my life. At the moment, I’m taking a break from guitar, but I plan to go back soon.

When I wrote this, I was still recovering from the past year. I was reassuring myself that there is good in this world. I didn’t used to think that. In my mind, the world was out to get me and people were going crazy. That’s not true. The world really isn’t out to get anyone, it’s just there. It can be beautiful or horrid; it’s your decision. You control your view on life.

As human beings, we tend to search for the best of the best. In our minds, these things tend to be tangible and worth some sort of value. In reality, the things that matter most are the ones you can’t hold or see.

For example, there is something intangible about people that makes them who they are. Whether it’s how you die of laughter when hearing a bad joke or how you continue to teach us even after you’re gone. How you play “Here Comes the Sun” on the guitar in the morning at full volume. The way you do more before 7 a.m. than most people do in an entire day. How you don’t think you’re beautiful even though you’re stunning. These are the things that make up people, not how they look or what they can afford.

Objects are not forever, but peoples’ spirits are. I think if we started focusing on people’s spirit instead of tangible objects, the world could be a more beautiful place and there would be more happy people.

Sarah Oliveras is a sophomore at West Linn High School. She is contributing a regular student column for the Tidings this school year.

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