Sunset Primary School

"What is the best way to spend a rainy day?"

Hannah Garland

"Jumping in puddles. I'd put a coat on, jeans and rain boots."

— Hannah Garland, first grade

Sienna Lambert

"Stay inside and play with my sister. She got this new Barbie house we like to play with. She is 4. It was her birthday in September."

— Sienna Lambert, second grade

Angelina Walsh

"Go ice skating. There's a place a little far from my house. It's like 45 minutes away."

— Angelina Walsh, third grade

Adam Conrad

"If there's no lightning, you swim. I did it a couple of weeks ago in Texas. It felt refreshing, since Texas is so hot. I just moved here. I like the rain."

— Adam Conrad, fourth grade

Nate Sostrin

"Read or make some sort of craft. There's something I know called Perler beads. You put them on a board that has pegs on it, and then you iron it on."

— Nate Sostrin, fifth grade

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