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January marks the start of a new year and is also National Organization Month. The hectic holiday season is over and now is the perfect time to get organized. Here are some resources to get your started.

Online allows you to create notes with text and images and organize them into notebooks. You can use Evernote to by: SUBMITTED - This book from HGTV is full of organization projects, complete with before and after photos.keep track of your shopping list, your to-do list, recipes you find online, books you want to read, online articles you want to save, etc. Your notes are stored in the cloud, so if you have a smartphone you can download the free Evernote app and access your notes anytime, anywhere. is a popular website that provides a steady stream of tips for making your life more efficient. They cover everything from useful smartphone apps, productivity advice, desk organization and space-saving tips. They also provide season-specific advice, such as a recent article on making a quick and easy ornament storage container out of plastic cups and cardboard.

Canadian mom Laura Wittman runs the great blog. Her target audience is busy families who don’t have much time and she covers everything from menu planning to closet cleanup. Recent topics include reorganizing your bookshelves, putting together a Christmas gift-wrap center, how to use Google Calendar to keep your family organized and planning ahead for cold and flu season.


“Ten-Minute Organizing: 400 Fabulous Tips to Organize Every Room of your House — In Spite of your Family!” by Sara Hunter

This book is divided into 16 chapters for the different parts of your home and life. Each chapter contains short tips and tricks for getting organized and all the tips are brief and easy enough that you can tackle one or two a day over the course of a month without feeling overwhelmed.

“Mission: Organization — Strategies and Solutions to Clear Your Clutter” by HGTVby: SUBMITTED - This book is divided by rooms of the home, so readers can tackle organizing one room at a time.

This helpful book from HGTV is full of organization projects such as building a better basement, taming your garage and clearing the clutter from the kids’ playroom. It is full of colorful pictures and also contains before and after photos for each project, which is really encouraging when faced with your own “before” situation.

“Christopher Lowell’s Seven Layers of Organization” by Christopher Lowell

Lowell takes you through the seven layers or organization, starting at the very beginning (assessing your situation) and taking you through the process of purging, sorting, storing and rearranging. The great thing about this book is that the last steps include redesigning your home, so if that’s part of your plan this book is a handy all-in-one guide.

“Real Simple: The Organized Home” by Real Simple Magazine

The editors of the popular Real Simple magazine have created this handy book for putting your home in order. It is divided by rooms of the house, which is helpful if you only have one area that needs organizing. Bright colorful photos and simple tips make it easy to clear the clutter fast!

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