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by: CLIFF NEWELL - Jacqueline Nichols has shaken up the matchmaking business ever since she started Intuitive Matchmaking three years ago in Lake Oswego.As Valentine’s Day approached, things were really humming at the office of Intuitive Matchmaking in Lake Oswego.

“It’s insane,” said owner and founder Jacqueline Nichols, a Lake Oswego native who is a big hometown success story. “Single people are getting off the rush of the holiday season, and instead of thinking about doing things for other people they want to do something for themselves.

“They think, ‘Oh my gosh, another year!’ The new year is worse because they’re sadder, frustrated and desperately want to meet somebody. Valentine’s Day perks up everyone. It’s a holiday about you.”

Matchmaking has been going on ever since Adam and Eve were brought together, but Nichols has come up with a formula at Intuitive Matchmaking. In fact, everything Nichols touches turns to love. Like the big party, entitled “Find My Valentine,” she recently planned at Kells in Portland. As Nichols said, “It gets the conversation started.” At the magic meeting hour of 8 p.m. a mixture of people showed up and started greeting each other and finding out about others. Nichols and her associate, Brooke Carsner, were on hand to coach flirting skills and initiate simple get-to-know-me games as simple as asking, ‘’Who likes blue? Who likes motorcycles?” Soon, a wonderful conversation ensues.

“There’s no pressure,” Carsner said. “It’s not like speed dating. There is no formalized dating process.”

“It’s about organic relationships,” Nichols said. “Brooke and I are great at introducing people, but there’s no pressure to date; just meet and talk. My clients don’t want to be put on the spot. They want to have a natural kind of relationship.”

Although they are successful and popular, the monthly socials are just the frosting on the Valentine cake. Intuitive Matchmaking is not just about providing an evening of fun but also arranging meetings between people who have potential — for companionship, friendship, love and even marriage. More than 1,000 Intuitive Matchmaking clients can’t be wrong, they note.

“We want our clients to find love, enjoy love and keep love,” Nichols said. “We keep working to help them in relationships. We want them to stay in a relationship and take care of each other. We’re always teaching new VERN UYETAKE - Jacqueline Nichols has shaken up the matchmaking business since she started Intuitive Matchmaking three years ago in Lake Oswego.

“They’re done doing it the wrong way. Our rate of success is very high.”

Desperation to find a friend, lover or spouse can lead to mistakes, and the matchmaking profession has resulted in a lot of smash-ups over the years. Nichols is confident, and she inspires confidence.

“Most matchmaking businesses are unsuccessful,” she said. “I only do things where I can succeed.”

Nichols was doing extremely well as a spiritual adviser when her matchmaking career began three years ago. She started because her clients kept “nagging” her about doing a matchmaking service. Before she knew it, her new business had taken on a life of its own.

Nichols found herself to be the Johnny Appleseed of matchmaking. She opened her first office in Lake Oswego and has since expanded to Arizona and Seattle. Her next office will open in Texas in March. New York will soon join Nichols’ love parade.

“Love doesn’t stop at the border,” she said. “There’s a lot of good people out there in America.”

By good people, Nichols means good people.

“Our testimonials are phenomenal,” she said. “We just do it differently. Most services do quantity dating. We do quality dating. We have a high caliber of clientele, and someone can’t even be in our program unless we do a background check and give preapproval. I would never put a client of mine with somebody I wouldn’t break bread with.”

Unknowingly, the seeds for Nichols’ matchmaking career were planted when she was a little girl growing up in Lake Oswego, right at her own dining table.

“My godparents were a big influence on me,” Nichols said. “They would even make out right at the dinner table. They were really devoted and loved one another.”

Now that Intuitive Matchmaking has spread love throughout the Northwest, Nichols wants to do it all over America.

“Trust us to do our job,” she said. “We’ll find your match. We will walk the journey with you.”

For more about Intuitive Matchmaking, go to or call 855-877-4446. The Intuitive Matchmaking office in Lake Oswego is located at 630 B Ave.

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