Information from the public safety column comes from the records of the West Linn Police Department. Police recently filed reports on the following incidents:

Note to readers: This is an abridged version of the West Linn police log. For the full log, including arrests, please see the print edition of your local newspaper.


1/28, 5:40 a.m.; A theft was reported in the 4000 block of Cedaroak Drive.

1/28, 2:55 p.m.; A resident in the 4300 block of Exeter Street found his wallet outside with cash and credit cards missing.

1/29, 6:22 a.m.; A theft was reported in the 20100 block of White Cloud Circle.

1/29, 6:02 p.m.; A small treasure chest full of items was missing from an apartment in the 1700 block of Maple Street. A coin display was also missing. A brother and his girlfriend are suspected.

2/1, 6:40 p.m.; A bag containing an iPad was taken from a vehicle in the 22000 block of Salamo Road.

2/1, 8:44 a.m.; Knives valued at $5,000 were taken from the 2000 block of Tanner Creek Lane.

2/1, 1:14 p.m.; Bolton Home Lending received a bad check for more than $50,000.

2/2, 1:08 p.m.; Someone is using a 16-year-old's Social Security Number from the 2100 block of Maple Terrace.


1/27, 3:20 p.m.; Three vehicles were involved in an accident on northbound I-205 near 10th Street.

1/30, 6:53 a.m.; A two-vehicle accident occurred on southbound I-205 near 10th Street.

1/31, 10:57 a.m.; A hit-and-run accident was reported in the 22000 block of Salamo Road at Safeway.

2/2, 12:22 p.m.; An accident in the Safeway parking lot was reported.

2/2, 12:36 p.m.; A non-injury accident occurred in the 22800 block of Willamette Drive.


1/27, 9:36 a.m.; A window was smashed on a Nissan pickup in the 2600 block of Cambridge Street.

1/27, 9:54 a.m.; An assault was reported at West Linn High School.

1/27, 12:06 p.m.; A small box of fishing gear abandoned by a mailbox raised concerns in the 5600 block of Hood Street.

1/27, 12:16 p.m.; Someone was walking in and out of traffic near 10th Street and I-205.

1/27, 2:08 p.m.; An ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend is threatening her old boyfriend in the 2700 block of Warwick Street.

1/27, 6:03 p.m.; A cement lion was moved in a yard in the 6500 block of Failing Street. Another lion had been stolen from the yard two months ago.

1/28, 3:48 p.m.; Kids were on the roof of Willamette Primary School.

1/28, 5:53 p.m.; Kids raised concerns while 'wandering around' asking for directions to Willamette Park.

1/29, 4:41 p.m.; An ongoing issue of a noisy neighbor was reported in the 1200 block of Marylhurst Drive.

1/29, 9:47 p.m.; A resident was concerned about an open gate and the possibility of something bloody in the 1600 block of Village Park Place. Police found nothing unusual.

1/30, 1:09 a.m.; A man entered Shari's to make a phone call and hadn't been heard from since. He was found at home.

1/30, 10:07 a.m.; A man resembling a Clackamas bank robber was spotted at Chase Bank on Blankenship Road. He was gone when police arrived.

1/30, 10:49 a.m.; A woman upset with recent police shootings threatened to take a knife to the courthouse.

1/30, 12:07 p.m.; A homeowner in the 1800 block of Wilson Street received a scam phone call from someone selling pain medication. The homeowner did not buy them.

1/30, 12:39 p.m.; A possible drunk driver near Arbor Drive and Highway 43 was really just lost.

1/30, 1:13 p.m.; A woman in the 20900 block of Willamette Drive lost her handbag and its contents when she left it on the top of her vehicle.

1/30, 2:57 p.m.; A possibly drunk driver near 10th Street and Willamette Falls Drive was not drunk, just elderly.

1/30, 9:23 p.m.; A suspicious vehicle repeatedly drove in and out of the parking lot at Rosemont Ridge Middle School.

1/31, 11:06 a.m.; A screen of a gas pump was damaged at a Chevron in the 2100 block of Eighth Court. Damage is estimated at $1,000.

1/31, 1:42 p.m.; Needles and beer cans were found near Dollar Street and River Heights Circle.

1/31, 2:06 p.m.; A boyfriend was making threatening phone calls at the Kings V apartments.

1/31, 3:27 p.m.; Threatening texts were received in the 5000 block of Broadway Street.

1/31, 3:52 p.m.; An air-soft gun was found at Sahallie Illahee Park.

1/31, 4:12 p.m.; A cash-for-gold exchange raised problems in the 22200 block of Salamo Road.

2/1, 8:56 a.m.; A female driver ran a stop sign and flipped off other drivers near Rosemont Ridge Middle School.

2/2, 2:51 a.m.; A suspicious man was loitering in the Shari's parking lot.

2/2, 9:40 a.m.; A wallet was lost at Safeway on Salamo Road.

2/2, 10:06 a.m.; Used needles were found near Johnson Road and Meadowview Court.

2/2, 12:55 p.m.; Kenneth Robert Began, 44, registered as a sex offender.

2/2, 4:49 p.m.; A 'rude' and 'confrontational' neighbor in the 20400 block of Hoodview Avenue complained about another neighbor's parking.

2/2, 6:28 p.m.; An ongoing problem of ding-dong-ditch was reported in the 1900 block of Furlong Drive.

2/2, 8:29 p.m.; A blue vase was found in a yard in the 3800 block of Mohawk Way.


1/27, 4:43 p.m.; A boy was bit by a dog in the 2500 block of Warwick Street.

2/2, 2:07 p.m.; Four dogs were running off leash near the restrooms at Mary S. Young Park.

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