Quimby, a longtime volunteer, is stepping down from the board

by: VERN UYETAKE - Longtime volunteer Sally Quimby, front, is stepping down from the Stafford Hamlet board.When Mike Miller, chairman of the Stafford Hamlet, wanted to organize a day to honor a longtime volunteer who was leaving the board, he knew the perfect person to organize the celebration. Sally Quimby was the kind of dedicated volunteer, ultra-organized and always willing, who would get the job done and do it right.

The only problem? Quimby was the volunteer Miller was planning to honor.

“We probably ought to turn it over to her and let her organize it,” Miller said. “She’s so good at it.”

However, he had other volunteers who were happy to orchestrate Sally Quimby Day at the hamlet meeting Nov. 18.

A resident since 1991 of the Stafford area between Lake Oswego and West Linn, Quimby, 67, became involved in the effort to organize residents into an informal governing body in 2005. Citing health concerns, she said she will not run for reelection to the board in December.

“I have a real problem with my legs,” she said. “I have to exercise and teach my back to support my body on my legs. I want to get my body back in shape. I may get involved again. Right now I have to work on me.”

by: VERN UYETAKE - Stafford Hamlet board members Molly Ellis, left, and Mike Miller, far right, honor Sally Quimby, center, on Sally Quimby Day at the hamlet board meeting Nov. 18.

“I kind of recruited Sally, or she volunteered, more likely,” said Carol Yamada, an early organizer of the citizens planning organization that eventually led to the formation of the Stafford hamlet. “We never would have had a meeting if it hadn’t been for Sally. She did everything. She was tireless, always, and put a lot of work in.”

“She has been an extraordinary support to everyone on the board. She is always listening and always fair-minded,” board member Molly Ellis said. Quimby’s equinamity served the board especially well during its early years, when infighting and competing visions for the area created a certain amount of turmoil.

“Sally was always steady,” Ellis said. “She was always there quietly in the background, getting things done. The world needs more people like that.”

“I don’t think there’s enough thank you cards or gifts that could show how much she means to us and how much she’s done for the community,” said another board member, Tracie Tolbert.

Two people are running for the board seat Quimby is vacating: Walt Gamble and Thane Eddington. Both were quick to acknowledge Quimby’s contributions.

“Sally is a cornerstone of the hamlet, always ready to pitch in and get things done,” Gamble said. “I said I would run for her seat if she’d continue to help me.”

“Personally, I am grateful for her service,” Eddington said. “I appreciate the good spirit and collegiality that I’ve seen, and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to get involved.”

“I definitely think it would be hard for anyone to fill Sally’s shoes,” Tolbert said. “I’m not sure that anyone necessarily can, because she does so much.”

No one should be too quick to count Quimby out, though.

“I’m not stopping,” she said. “I’m just slowing down.”

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