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by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - The dynamic diapering duo of Paul Snowden (left, with son Carver) and Chad Carver (with son Wyatt) want to help new dads avoid trauma and sleep well at night.A new father is home alone with his baby for the first time while Mom is out playing cards with her friends. Suddenly, the infant starts screaming and emitting a smell that grows worse by the second.

What is the rookie pappy to do? Call up Dads Who Diaper on the Internet, that’s what.

Chad Carter and Paul Snowden have been there and done that when it comes to dealing with babies (with children aged 9 months and 16 months, respectively), and now they want to share their knowledge with other men who may be feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of fatherhood.

Carter and Snowden are bright, witty and smart, and they’re reaching out to the 2 million new fathers in America who could learn a thing or two from the pair’s trials and tribulations.

“There’s not a lot available to dads out there,” said Carter, who grew up in Lake Oswego (he is a Lakeridge High graduate) and now lives in Portland. “Everything is geared toward women, and guys won’t sign up for that stuff.”

“Dads want to take a larger role in parenting today,” Snowden said, but male pride can be a big obstacle. So Carter and Snowden want to create avenues of information where dads will not fear to tread. Have a question about hand, foot and mouth disease, for example? Dads Who Diaper can help.

“Hand, foot and mouth disease is very common,” said Snowden, a Portland resident who learned about the topic through bitter experience, “but a new dad usually has no idea of how to help his wife and kid.”

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Chad Carter appears to be confident as he gets ready to take care of his son Wyatt. He wants 2 million American dads to be confident in taking care of their babies.

That’s where Snowden and Carter come in, and their expertise isn’t confined just to babies. Dads are already sending them questions about everything from how to get their kids to like their favorite sports to how best to deal with childhood traumas.

In one instance, they were asked how to help a child deal with the shooting at Reynolds High School. The forum provided on their website is put to good use.

Snowden says Dads Who Diaper wants to answer questions big and small.

“We want dads posing questions about common problems,” Carter said, “like feeding a baby at midnight. We will judge our success by how much we help dads get through this very important time in their lives.”

One thing Carter and Snowden want to avoid like the plague is the cliché of the clumsy TV dad reliably turning every situation into a disaster.

“Dads are shown as bumbling idiots,” Carter said. “But dads are taking care of their kids every single day. One of the most rewarding things about doing this is that a dozen moms have already expressed their thanks for what their husbands do each day.”

One of the big benefits of Dads Who Diaper is that it will no doubt result in dads sleeping better at night. That alone might make Carter and Snowden superheroes to thousands of new fathers.

“Doing this has been insanely fun,” Carter said. “We wouldn’t have gotten this far without it being fun.”

Snowden agrees. “We couldn’t be doing this if we didn’t have such a passion for it,” he said.

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